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Q.  When I specify the SVG graphics with a width of 400 px and a height of 800 px in the FO file like <fo:external-graphic src="xxx.svg" />, how is the size of this SVG graphics calculated in the PDF file? [No.2005012803]

When the content-width etc. are not specified in fo:external-graphic, the graphics is calculated by "96dpi" in the default setting. Therefore, your SVG graphics is output to PDF as the width is 8.33inch and the height is 4.17inch.

Moreover, when you want to specify the size in the FO file, you can specify the size by using the content-width property. The SVG graphics is output as the graphics with a width of 3 inches when you specify as follows.

<fo:external-graphic content-width="3in" src="xxx.svg" />

Please see "pxpi" in "Formatter Settings" of the "Option Setting File" Section in the Online Manual about the setting of the dpi or see "Color, Border, Unit" in "Format Option Setting Dialog" of the "Graphical User Interface" section in the Online Manual if you want to set the pxpi by GUI.

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