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Q.  I specified space-before for fo:block of the top of the page. I thought that this space was invalid according to space-before.conditionality="discard". However, it is effective. Why? [No.2008120501]

In User's FO:

  <fo:wrapper id="AAAAAA" />
  <fo:block space-before="2.0in">

When fo:wrapper has id, an empty area is generated. Therefore, this block with space-before is not page first area. space-before is effective.

Please refer to W3C XSL1.1 6.13.4 fo:wrapper.

The fo:wrapper formatting object returns the sequence of areas created by concatenating 
the sequences of areas returned by each of the children of the fo:wrapper. If this sequence 
contains at least one normal area, or if the "id" and "index-key" properties are not specified 
on the fo:wrapper, then the fo:wrapper does not itself generate any areas.

If the sequence of areas returned to the fo:wrapper contains no normal areas, and the "id" or "index-key" 
property is specified on the fo:wrapper, then it additionally generates and returns one normal area 
with inline-progression-dimension and block-progression-dimension set to zero. This area is an 
inline-area except where this would violate the constraint (on some ancestor area) that an area's 
children are all block-areas or all inline-areas, but not a mixture. In that case the fo:wrapper must 
instead generate a block-area.	

If fo:wrapper has id or index-key, an empty area is generated.

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