SVG Conformance

AH Formatter V5.2 conforms to W3C Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 1.1 Specification and supports to display SVG images with a newly developed engine. This makes it possible to output high quality SVG images as vectors in the PDF. The basic SVG drawing elements have been implemented.

The following table (pdf) shows the implemented SVG elements.

  • [yes] in the list means that the formatting object or property is implemented.
  • [partial] means that the formatting object or property is partially implemented.
  • [no] means not implemented.
CAUTION: This conformance is not for SVG Output.

The attributes in parentheses are not implemented. The following attributes/functions are implemented and commonly used.

  • tranform
  • viewBox(width, height)
  • preserveAspectRatio
  • clip-path
  • icc-color()

SVG in gzip file format is also supported.

AH Formatter V5.2 supports the following scripts. Processes BIDI strings correctly. V5.2

  • Arabic
  • Hebrew
  • Thai
  • Devalagari


  • Supports fill-opacity and stroke-opacity of the transparency (the opacity attribute). stop-opacity is not supported.
  • The values that can be described in the stroke-dasharray attribute are up to 10.
  • Some elements cannot be displayed in GUI although they can be outputted to PDF. <linearGradient> and <pattern> are not displayed in GUI. As for the transparency, only fill-opacity is supported with GUI.
  • Strokes with complicated gradation (more than 3 colors, repeat, reflect) are not supported.
  • Transparency is not supported in PDF 1.3.