Table X – Convert Excel to XMetal DITA

The Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) is one of the Web’s most common XML data modeling authorities, and it manages an end-to-end structure to make all of your publishing easier. The DITA Open Toolkit (DITA-OT) is the open-source publishing system Antenna House supports for publishing DITA.

Antenna House products and services take advantage of the DITA document formatting so you can set specific rules for all of your content publishing in print, as HTMLs or as PDFs. Using Formatter or other software with DITA-OT output formats, you can use image, video and other files by inserting them as a reference.

Antenna House DITA-OT Stylesheets

DITA-OT allows for a lot of great conversion options, so you can always keep your documents in the right space with the right look. Antenna House platforms can help you transform DITA content into new deliverables such as HTML documents and PDFs with the right DITA document formatting. The stylesheet support will also turn DITA into XSL-FO and other options, so you can format and print documents in your preferred editor.

Any text editor can be used to write DITA, but you won’t find more support for your DITA document formatting than with our Formatter and other products. The support we give you to create amazing documents is all part of the Antenna House difference.

The Table X Equation

Developed by Art Darwin in Japan and designed specifically to work with XMetaL (JustSystems’ XML/DITA authoring software), table X enhances the feature to import Excel tables into XMetaL. It does so by converting rich formatted tables to structured DITA table elements so nothing gets lost when moving to XMetaL.

Now XMetaL users can simply copy and paste from Excel without worrying about having to reformat table elements in DITA. You won’t have to waste time reformatting your tables or structures with our formatting support and class support.

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Quick & Easy

  1. Select a range of columns and rows from any Excel spreadsheet
  2. Copy the selection in Excel.
  3. Paste the selection in XMetaL.

Saves Time

Users don’t have to spend extra time and effort reformatting and redefining DITA table elements after importing a predefined table in XMetaL.

Keeps Table Formatting

Converts formatted content in Excel to valid DITA markup in XMetaL:

  • Value in the cell
  • Character style
  • Character/cell alignment
  • Row or column heading
  • Merged cells
  • Cell background color*
  • Column width
  • Borders

*An outputclass attribute needs to be added in XMetaL


XMetaL Author Enterprise 7.0 or later
Microsoft Excel 2002 or later
.NET Framework 4.0 or later