XSL-FO Samples

AH Formatter Online Manual written in XSL-FO

These manuals contain operating instructions that explain how to use AH Formatter and provides helpful information for first-time, as well as experienced, users. This is not only useful as a manual but also this may be used as a practical sample of XSL-FO document.

  1. AH Formatter V5.2 Online Manual in FO format as a zip file (about 1459KB), revised September 8, 2010. You can format and print using AH Formatter by yourself.
  2. AH Formatter V5.2 Online Manual in PDF format (about 5.7MB), revised September 8, 2010.

AH Formatter V5.2 Online Manual is created using the specification of Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) Version 1.1.

Sample Files of Formatting Objects (XSL- FO)

The following sample files show the typical functions of XSL (XSL-FO). They are all available for formatting and printing by our AH Formatter V5.2. PDF files created by AH Formatter are also available here. Though Acrobat Distiller is used in exceptional cases, it is identified in the explanation.

Download all sample FO files as one lump package, revised November 29, 2005.

Sample Files of Formatting Objects (XSL- FO 1.1)

Formatting World Languages by AH Formatter

AH Formatter can format world languages that are written using Unicode. Beside of western languages, major Asian languages such as Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean and Thai are supported. Those languages which are written from right to left, such as Arabic, Hebrew, are also supported.

Unicode BIDI algorithm and bidi-override function of XSL (XSL-FO) specification is supported, document that consists of mixed writing mode phrases in a paragraph can be formatted right.

The formatted result of AH Formatter can be converted to PDF by using both of Abobe Distiller and PDF Output engine. AH Formatter supplies you the global multilingual formatting solution.

☞ See the tutorial “Formatting World Languages” and multilingual formatting examples.