AH Formatter

Most powerful publishing engine.
Generate PDF from XML or HTML.
Format with XSL-FO or CSS.


Office Server
Document Converter

Easy, fast, high-volume file conversions.
No Microsoft or Adobe software required.
Supports Windows and Linux.


AH Regression
Testing System

Automated PDF comparison software.
Highlights textual and visual differences.
Compare versions of AH Formatter.


Introducing            AH Formatter V7

Groundbreaking New Features

  • Add Drop Caps (you know, those big letters at the start of a paragraph) 
  • Keep certain words or names together to prevent line breaks
  • Improved line wrapping with Knuth-Plass' Breaking Line algorithm
  • ...and so much more!

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“For over 10 years we have used Antenna House Formatter to create PDFs of the majority of our product documentation. In the early days of using Formatter, I was really impressed by the reaction we got when we pointed out a shortcoming in the way Antenna House was formatting MathML equations. Instead of brushing off our concerns, Antenna House developers refactored their MathML process and when the solution was released, all our concerns were addressed. Another highlight is the Internationalization support that is integrated into Formatter. When we needed to produce PDF Hebrew translations of our xml documentation years ago, we assumed it would be a huge effort. It was very easy to use Formatter to produce the “right to left” Hebrew PDF and everyone was impressed with the quality.”

– Nick Green, Software Manager at SAS Institute Inc., USA

“We use AH Formatter and the MathML option to publish PDF versions of our software manuals. We are extremely happy with the performance of Antenna House and the contact we have with the entire Antenna House team. General enquiries and support requests are always handled very quickly.”

– Ben Scotland, Speedgoat, Switzerland

“OSDC has been a key part of our knowledge repository architecture for many years and has converted over 100,000 documents. Thanks to OSDC, all documents in our knowledge repository have previews that make information visual and easy to scan. After identifying a document of interest, our people save time by viewing it right in the web browser via the converted PDF file — so there’s no wait to download it, launch the appropriate application, and open the document.”

– Jase Wells, Director of Applications Development at Prophet, USA

“Office Server Document Converter was instrumental to our effort [in migrating data] because it was relatively simple to use, it allowed for flexibility with error checking, naming, and export jobs. We couldn’t have done this process [data migration] without the use of OSDC. Without it, when we went live on the new platform, our staff would have been required to log into the old system and look up data should that information not have been converted.”

– Pete Areddy, Chief Technical Officer at Zepf Center, USA



CSS for Print

This introduction guide is packed with examples for CSS Paged Media formatting based on AH Formatter.

Free download available


XSL-FO Samples

A comprehensive collection of XSL-FO tutorials and samples for all document requirements.

View samples



Learn about the two formatting standards and find out which is best for your print publishing needs.

Webinar with slides available