AH Formatter V6.6
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The Industry’s Leading Formatting Software

Antenna House Formatter is based on the W3C Recommendations for XSL-FO and CSS and has long been recognized as the most powerful and proven standards based formatting software available. It is used worldwide in demanding applications where the need is to format HTML and XML into PDF and print. Antenna House Formatter offers support for over 70 languages, MathML 3.0, complex page layout, and so much more.

Today Antenna House Formatter is used to produce millions of pages daily of technical, financial, user, and a wide variety of other documentation for thousands of customers in 45 countries.

Antenna House Formatter Benefits Include:

  • The most powerful XSL-FO and CSS page/document formatting software available
  • Format HTML and XML for print and PDF using the power of Antenna House Formatter
  • Style your content with XSL-FO or CSS
  • Support for over 70 Languages
  • Formatter Includes standards compliant MathML 3.0 and SVG rendering engines with an option for a CGM engine

New and Improved Support for CSS

AH Formatter V6.6 supports many CSS features and Ethiopic and Syriac script. V6.6 also includes support for MathML V3.0, layered PDFs, enhanced support for embedding multimedia and numerous extensions. Use Formatter to create high quality printed documents with support for over 70 languages, MathML, numerous graphic formats and output to PDF 1.3PDF 1.7, PDF/X, PDF/A, tagged PDF and PDF for fast web viewing.

PDF to PDF Compare Solution

The Antenna House Regression Testing System was originally developed for our own internal testing of comparing different versions of our software.

Antenna House once used Adobe software to compare PDF outputs, but we weren’t satisfied with the false positives these comparisons generated. We knew we needed a better document comparison platform, so we created our pixel-by-pixel visual comparison system to reduce false positives and find differences that can be hidden in code comparisons.

More Products

Antenna House Regression Testing System (AHRTS) offers users the options of comparing/regression testing individual PDFs and directories of PDFs. The visual PDF output is compared and not the underlying code, opening up comparisons to any PDF regardless of the source that created it. For Antenna House Formatter customers, we offer the ability to automatically test documents from different versions of Antenna House Formatter. Available for Windows, Linux & Macintosh.

Rainbow PDF Office Server Document Converter (OSDC) is the smart choice for companies that need to convert multiple files to pdf, all without the need for Microsoft or Adobe software installed. Batch convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint and images to pdf and pdf to images. OSDC is a server product known for its performance in high volume environments, compatibility with Windows and Linux, and excellent customer support.

Web Interface for Formatter lets a client computer send an XML file and a stylesheet to an AH Formatter Server License and receive back a PDF document; simply and without the need to undertake an expensive and complicated development effort.

  • Simplifies client access to AH Formatter Server License via the internet.
  • Greatly reduces development time.
  • Easily lets one AH Formatter Server license be used for multiple applications.

I18N Index Library also known as the Chinese Sorting Module
A Java library and stylesheet that addresses the complex problem of making index pages for Traditional and Simplified Chinese. The library also officially supports 19 other languages including Japanese and Korean.