INX & XPS Conversions

This is a feature of the Plus version for Office Server Document Converter.
The following features are available by specifying various parameters during conversion.

Convert to XPS

XPS (XML Paper Specification) is Microsoft's electronic document format and has been used since Microsoft Office 2007.
Although it is difficult for Microsoft products to convert many files to XPS at once, OSDC makes it possible.

Convert to INX

INX is an interchangeable XML file that allows Adobe's older InDesign products and related products such as InCopy and GoLive to read from each other.
The INX format stores InDesignR objects and properties in the form of elements and attributes.


Conversion to XPS may fail if the source document contains diagrams that have been repeatedly changed.

OSDC creates pages by reading Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint document files and imitating page-up (formatting). Therefore, compatibility with pages created in Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint may vary depending on the content of the document.
The page layout of the created XPS/INX may differ from that of Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint, so we recommend testing the evaluation version to make sure it meets your requirements.

There are some restrictions in the conversion. For details, please refer to "XPS Output" and "INX Output" in the online manual.