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Antenna House has been our partner for years. We highly appreciate working with AH; the product is best to none, the support is excellent and the team is very helpful and flexible. Antenna House is a true partner.

Peter Stroes Business Development at Author-it Software


PDFs are still an important delivery medium for technical documentation and Antenna House is the most full-featured tool available for producing XSL-FO-based PDFs from DITA content. Antenna House follows the XSL-FO standard very closely, while providing a number of extensions that make it possible to provide PDF features above and beyond the standard. IXIASOFT develops PDF plugins for a number of customers in different industries with very different branding requirements. It is far more straightforward to develop plugins meant for use with Antenna House than for any other PDF renderer. There have been numerous times when we have told customers using another PDF renderer how much easier it would be to meet their requirements if they would only use Antenna House! Antenna House support is excellent, always responding on the same day or the next at the latest. Antenna House actively participates in the DITA Users group and is aware of the ongoing needs of DITA content creators. Without question, Antenna House is the best choice for professional PDFs.

Leigh White DITA Specialist at IXIASOFT


We have been supporting Antenna House with our editorial system Noxum Publishing Studio for over 20 years. This enables us to offer our customers from notable industries and publishers automatic processing of documents, layout control and typography via XML-based style templates. With those companies, our technology with Antenna House's PDF Engine is used in vast areas – such as technical documentation, marketing, sales, after-sales, and also as PDF On Demand.

Steffen Beck Product Manager at Noxum GmbH


I have been using Antenna House XSL Formatter since its first release in 2001. Today I use Formatter to create and publish documents that could not be produced at all with other technologies and products because of their size and complexity. And this provides excellent typography, with assured quality and is extremely cost effective.

Dr. Manfred Krüger MID/Information Logistics


Between the processing speed, automation capabilities, and error logging, Antenna House XSL Formatter is a great boon to productivity. Adding in Formatting Objects extensions makes it a must for some of our clients’ projects. Topping it all off with Antenna House Regression Testing System makes a great package that allows us to deliver products efficiently and accurately.



We have found the Formatter XSL extensions and ability to modify the intermediate Area Tree file extremely useful to fulfill complex customer pagination requirements.

Dave Searle Senior Consultant at Mekon Ltd


The team at Antenna House are a delight to work with! Celina, Mary Jane and the others respond quickly and professionally to all inquiries and requests and always with a smile. Thanks!

Noa Jeselsohn Director of Operations at Zoomin Software


Antenna House has been a core partner with Astoria-TransPerfect for over 10 years. As the leader in the Component Content Management (CCMS) vertical, we required a dependable technology platform to be embedded into our SaaS and On Premise systems as our publishing engine. Antenna House has exceeded expectations and delivered an excellent customer experience!

Eric Khunen Senior Director at Astoria, Inc.


Antenna House Formatter is the reliable tool for automated PDF production from our Component Content Management System COSIMA. Hundreds of our customers use Formatter to output their technical documentation as PDFs - and have been doing so for over 10 years.

Holger Rath Production Manager at Docufy GmbH


There are many reasons why we recommend Formatter from Antenna House and while I can say that the engine is fast, reliable and accurate at producing the desired PDF, the main thing for me is I know my team will meet the clients expectations in a timely fashion in budget. Any attempt to save money with some of the other tools on the market are overshadowed by the extra effort required to make them work properly.

Julian Murfitt CEO at Mekon Ltd