MathML Option

Formatter MathML Option is for the Lite version only. The MathML drawing feature is already included in the standard version of Formatter.

Formatter MathML Option allows users to draw Mathematical Markup Language (MathML) V3.0 2nd Edition defined by W3C by utilizing Antenna House's uniquely developed engine. It's possible to draw high resolution images in PDF.

Since the GUI is a Windows GDI, a print output of the same result is also possible. The formatted result can be outputted as a PDF file.

Example of formatted result as displayed by Antenna House GUI:



High quality rendering of XML for STM (Scientific, Technical, Medical) publishing using XSLFO + MathML

By using Formatter, it's possible to produce high quality mathematical expressions in PDF via vector data by embedding the equations in XSL-FO. MathML makes it possible to respond to the needs of creating a science and technology publication with XML.

MathML both for Web and PDF

If the source of a document is XML and the math expressions are marked up with MathML, the same source for the document can be formatted for both web and print using XSLT.

By transforming the XML + MathML into HTML + MathML, the math expression can be displayed on the Web using Netscape or Internet Explorer + Math Player.

By transforming the XML + MathML into XSL-FO + MathML, the math expression can be outputted to PDF or printer.

MathML within XSL-FO

MathML is treated as a vector image. XSL-FO V1.0 specification only permits embedding foreign object via fo:instream-foreign-object and fo:external-graphic.

When using a DTD in the fo:instream-foreign-object, it is necessary to treat its entirety as a CDATA section. Since the DTD is not required when a special mathematical symbol is described by Unicode, the MathML markup can be placed into fo:instream-foreign-object.

When using fo:external-graphic to place the equation, the external MathML file should be described as the src attribute.

Inline and Block

The expression marked up by MathML can also be used in a line like an ordinary character. This is called an inline object. Also, a paragraph of only a math expression can be made by surrounding it with fo:block. This is called a block object.


When formatting math expressions marked up using MathML, the values specified in the XSL-FO body text such as the size of a character, the font family, etc. are inherited by the math expression. Thus if the characters of the body text increase in size, the characters of the MathML also increases in size. This keeps the balance of the text and expression styles.

On the other hand, the information as to the baseline of math expressions is passed from the renderer of the MathML to the XSL-FO engine. This arranges the baseline of the math expression and the text.

Formatter MathML Option conforms to the W3C Mathematical Markup Language (MathML). See also MathML Conformance and the result of MathML 3.0 Test Suite.

System requirements depends on Formatter.


Formatter MathML Option for Standalone $100
Formatter MathML Option for Server $500


  • After getting Formatter Lite, a user can purchase MathML Option as an option.
  • Formatter MathML Option is designed to work with AH Formatter Lite. MathML Option cannot be used alone.
  • Formatter MathML Option can only be installed and used on a computer of the registered licensee.

How To Buy

Formatter MathML Option can be purchased directly from Antenna House or through one of our Resellers.

You can receive maintenance support of MathML Option as long as the Formatter maintenance period is active or during the 90 day warranty period from the purchase of Formatter.