XPS Output

Formatter XPS Option works with Formatter and outputs XPS (XML Paper Specification) files.

XPS (XML Paper Specification) is an electronic document format developed by Microsoft which can be easily created with Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007.

An XPS viewer is required in order to peruse XPS. The XPS Viewer is installed by default in Windows Vista. Microsoft has distributed the viewer for Windows XP free of charge.

Example of the XPS Viewer application displaying an XPS file created by the XPS Output Option:
XPS sample


The following fonts are available to output into XPS file.

  • TrueType font
  • OpenType font (TrueType outline)
  • OpenType font (PostScript outline)

The following are font restrictions with XPS output:

  • All of the fonts in the document should be embedded, so it does not allow use of non-embedded fonts.
  • If you use OpenType font that has CID CFF table, you can output it into XPS file, but XPS Viewer (XPS Viewer EP) will report an error once the outputted XPS file is opened. The outputted XPS file can be validated with Microsoft XPS Conformance Tool (isXPS.exe) with no error. If a XPS file is created by using this type of font by Microsoft's XPS Document Writer, another error will occur when the XPS file is opened by a XPS Viewer. But it will be displayed by a XPS Viewer that is a plugin in your internet browser.
  • The following scripts are not supported:
    • Arab : Arabic
    • Hebr : Hebrew
    • Deva : Devanagari
    • Thai : Thai
  • Ligatures for European languages are not supported.
  • Not available to change the glyph of Japanese Kanji (include Variation Sequence).
  • The EUDC, end user defined character, is not supported.
  • Separation colors, such as PANTONE®, are not supported.

The following are graphic restrictions with XPS output:

  • Graphics file without the resolution setting will be treated as 96 DPI according to the XPS Specification.
  • Graphics file other than JPEG, PNG, and TIFF will be converted into one of JPEG, PNG, and TIFF and will be embedded into XPS.
  • TIFF graphic file that is compressed type 1 to 6 or 32773 is supported. TIFF files of other compressed types are converted to PNG.
  • PNG graphic files that has the color management function such as sRGB, cHRM, gAMA, sBIT can be outputted into XPS, but once the outputted XPS file is opened in the XPS Viewer, the color management function is ignored due to XPS Specification.
  • It is not implemented to manage the radiant shading.
  • It is not implemented to manage the tiling of the background-image.
  • It is not implemented to manage Windows Media Photo Image.
  • Temporary file is generated during the output.
  • If the page width or height is shorter than 0.5 inch, it is assumed to be 0.5 inch.
  • Color spaces other than CMYK are converted into RGB color space.
  • An error will occur if the rendering instruction generated from the document becomes complex and the canvas nesting exceeds over 16 levels that is allowed by the XPS Specification.
  • It is not implemented to manage links.
  • It is not implemented to make thumbnails.
  • It is not implemented to set the printing scheme and the printing device.
  • It is not implemented to use Digital Signature.
  • It is not implemented to manage the outline information.
  • It is not implemented to manage the story (table, segment) information.

Formatter V4.3 MR2 or later is required. System requirements depends on Formatter.


Formatter XPS Output Option for Standalone $200
Formatter XPS Output Option for Server $2,000


  • A license of Formatter V4.3 MR2 or later is required to use XPS Output Option.
  • After getting Formatter, a user can purchase XPS Output Option as an option.
  • Formatter XPS Output Option is designed to work with a product version of Formatter. XPS Output Option cannot be used alone.
  • Formatter XPS Output Option can only be installed and used on a computer of the registered licensee.

How To Buy

Formatter XPS Output Option can be purchased directly from Antenna House or through one of our Resellers.