PostScript® Output Option

Antenna House Formatter can now convert XML to PostScript®. The level of PostScript® output is 3.

Customers must purchase PostScript® Output Option to output PostScript®.

The following fonts are available to output with PostScript® output. Please refer to Font for the font.

However, there are the following restrictions with PostScript® output.

  • Type1 fonts which contain more than 256 glyphs are not supported.
  • Vertical writing mode is not supported.
  • The following scripts are not supported.
    • Arab : Arabic
    • Hebr : Hebrew
    • Deva : Devanagari
    • Thai : Thai
  • Ligatures for European languages are not supported.
  • Not available to change the glyph of font-variant (except for an emulation of small-caps).
  • Not available to change the glyph of Japanese Kanji (include Variation Sequence).
  • The EUDC, end user defined character, is not supported.
  • Separation colors, such as PANTONE®, are not supported.

For more information about supported graphic images, refer to the “Graphics“. However, there are the following restrictions with PostScript® output.

  • background-repeat=”repeat” is not supported.
  • Patterns in SVG are not supported.
  • The gradation in vector images other than EPS is not supported.
  • Raster images containing transparent images and alpha channel are not supported.
  • Separation colors, such as PANTONE®, are not supported.

Vector Images

The following vector images are outputted to PostScript® as vector. However, the raster image contained in the vector image will have the restrictions of the raster images mentioned after. If fonts are contained, fonts in the vector image will also have the restrictions of fonts.

All EPS is unprocessed and outputted to PostScript as is.

CAUTION: MathML is now a standard feature of the full version of AH Formatter. It is not available for the Lite version unless it is purchased separately as an add-on.

Raster Images

The following raster image can be outputted to PostScript®. See also restrictions of each raster image respectively.

The image which cannot be embedded directly in PostScript® will be transformed into the appropriate one and embedded.

Formatter V4.2 or later is required. System requirements depends on Formatter.


Formatter PostScript® Output Option for Standalone $200
Formatter PostScript® Output Option for Server $2,000


  • Formatter V4.2 or later is required to use PostScript® Output Option.
  • After purchasing Formatter, a user can purchase PostScript® Output Option separately as an add-on.
  • Formatter PostScript® Output Option is designed to work with Formatter and can run only a computer with a registered license.

Formatter PostScript® Output Option can be purchased directly from Antenna House or through one of our Resellers.

Maintenance support for the PostScript® Output Option is determined by the 90 day maintenance warranty or annual maintenance period of the corresponding Formatter license.