Formatter PANTONE® Option is an option to further support the color functions of Formatter.

  • It's warrantable; Antenna House signed a license agreement with Pantone, LLC.
  • Provides the ability for more than 1000 PANTONE® Colors to be converted into RGB or CMYK values automatically.
  • Possible to specify the PANTONE® colors for separation color (spot color) simply by putting only the name of the PANTONE® colors in XSL-FO.

Pantone, LLC is the world-renowned authority on color, provider of color systems, and has leading technology for the selection and accurate communication of color. The PANTONE® name is known worldwide as the standard language for color communication from designer to manufacturer, retailer to customer.

If you purchase Formatter PANTONE® Option, it includes the ability for more than 1000 PANTONE® Colors to be converted into RGB or CMYK values automatically. This is specified in the FO as follows:

rgb-icc(#Separation, ‘PANTONE 185 C')
rgb-icc(#Separation, ‘PANTONE Reflex Blue U')

Example of the formatted result of a PANTONE® Color Data-Sample as displayed by Antenna House GUI. Since the GUI is a Windows GDI, a print output of the same result is also possible. The formatted result can be outputted to PDF, displayed with by Adobe Reader and outputted to paper.



XSL Formatter V3.4 or later is required. System requirements depends on Formatter.


Formatter PANTONE® Option for Standalone $200
Formatter PANTONE® Option for Server $500


  • After getting Formatter, a user can purchase PANTONE® Option as an option.
  • Formatter PANTONE® Option is designed to work with a product version of Formatter. PANTONE® Option cannot be used alone.
  • Formatter PANTONE® Option can only be installed and used on a computer of the registered licensee.

How To Buy

Formatter PANTONE® Option can be purchased directly from Antenna House or through one of our Resellers.

You can receive maintenance support of PANTONE® as long as the Formatter maintenance period is active or during the 90 day warranty period from the purchase of Formatter.