Purchasing Assistance

How to Buy a Product License

If you are an end user who wishes to use AH Formatter, you may purchase from a Reseller or directly from Antenna House.

If you purchase from a Reseller, they will help you to build your system, develop stylesheets and use our products, etc., depending on Reseller strategy. Please consult with your Reseller.

New purchases, except Formatter Lite version comes with a 90 day warranty, which until expiration provides for technical support, maintenance releases and free upgrades if they become available. To extend coverage past the first 90 days, purchase an Annual Maintenance Agreement.

Try Before You Buy

Antenna House is so confident that you’ll love our software that we offer a free trial at your request. All features are fully funtional in the evaluation version.

Antenna House offers its Regression Testing System completely independent of Formatter, so you can review and compare PDF output between Formatter versions and competing products. It integrates quickly with our PDF making software and you’ll be surprised at the substantial reductions in man hours required for comparing and testing PDFs regardless of your system platform.

Get Annual Maintenance

Your product license is perpetual but we also offer annual maintenance agreements to give you upgrades and bug fixes as soon as they’re developed and published. No free alternatives can compare in terms of quick bug fixes or level of support

You will receive an e-mail message from Antenna House if your maintenance period or 90 day warranty is about to expire. If you would like to update your maintenance service, contact sales@antennahouse.com for a quote.

More information is available at Customer Support & Maintenance Service Guideline or send an e-mail to info@antennahouse.com for further query.

Renewing Annual Maintenance Agreement

To renew your Annual Maintenance Agreement, contact sales@antennahouse.com for a quote. The cost of maintenance for various products is located under the tab labeled “Price for Maintenance Service” on the prices page.

Get Consulting Services

If you are an end user or if you purchased AH Formatter from our reseller or system integrators and would like to receive consulting services, please contact us.

Consulting services offers assistance in writing stylesheets, actual writing of stylesheets and adding extensions to the core product.