XSL-FO Samples Collection

Antenna House Formatter is used in production in various industries with a wide range of requirements. Check out our some of our use cases and extensive examples for what you can do with Antenna House Formatter. We also offer guides for XSL-FO extensions, an Introduction to CSS, and XLS-FO/CSS Sample comparison.

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Page Region and Structure

Page region, width and height, columns, footnote, etc.

XSL Standard Specification
Explaining each region in a page (<fo:region-*>) PDF FO
Creating regions in a body region, combination of columns, footnotes and floats (<fo:float>, <fo:footnote>, column) PDF FO
Writing direction in the region-start/end (writing-mode, reference-orientation) PDF FO
Switching between right and left page layouts (<fo:page-sequence-master>) PDF FO
Page masters for first, last, and only pages (<fo:page-sequence-master>, <fo:repeatable-page-master-alternatives>, <fo:conditional-page-master-reference>, page-position) PDF FO
Page master for blank pages (<fo:page-sequence-master>, <fo:conditional-page-master-reference>, blank-or-not-blank) PDF FO
Positioning Background Image (background-position, background-image) PDF FO
Multiple columns (column-count) PDF FO
Footnote (<fo:footnote>) PDF FO
Change bar (<fo:change-bar-*>) PDF FO
Antenna House Formatter Extended Specification
Specify the border to the region (<fo:region-*>, border-*) PDF FO
Page masters for odd and even pages counting from the beginning of the document (<fo:page-sequence-master>, <fo:conditional-page-master-reference>, odd-or-even, odd-document, even-document) PDF FO
Page master for second page (<fo:page-sequence-master>, <fo:conditional-page-master-reference>, page-position) PDF FO
Spread page master (<axf:spread-page-master>, <axf:spread-region>) PDF FO
Setting a background color to the entire page (background-color) PDF FO
Setting an image as the page background (background-image) PDF FO
Scaling the background image (axf:background-content-height) PDF FO
Background image size (axf:background-size, background-image) PDF FO
Repetitions of a background image (background-repeat, background-image) PDF FO
Background clip (axf:background-clip, axf:background-origin, background-image, background-repeat) PDF FO
Background image origin (axf:background-origin, background-image, background-position, background-repeat) PDF FO
Multiple background images (background-image, background-repeat, background-position, axf:background-origin) PDF FO
Nested fo:page-sequence (<fo:page-sequence>) PDF FO
Column rule (axf:column-rule) PDF FO
Footnote arrangement (<fo:footnote>, axf:footnote-stacking) PDF FO
Creating a footnote number and specifying a default value (axf:footnote-number) PDF FO
Suppressing duplicate footnotes within the same page (axf:suppress-duplicate-footnote) PDF FO
A footnote breaking across multiple pages (axf:footnote-max-height) PDF FO
Column-width footnotes (axf:footnote-position) PDF FO
Sidenote (axf:footnote-position) PDF FO
Text or graphic in change bar (<fo:change-bar-begin>) PDF FO
Display watermark on page (watermark-text) PDF FO
Page breaks at even or odd pages from the top of the document (break-after, break-before) PDF FO

Page Number, Marker, etc.

Page number, table of contents, index, thumb index, counter styles, etc.

XSL Standard Specification
Page numbers (<fo:page-number>) PDF FO
Page number format and initial page number (initial-page-number, format) PDF FO
Table of Contents (<fo:page-number-citation>) PDF FO
Thumb index (<fo:marker>, <fo:retrieve-marker>) PDF FO
Index (<fo:index-key>, <fo:index-page-citation-list>, <fo:index-key-reference>) PDF FO
Antenna House Formatter Extended Specification
Relative page numbers (<fo:page-number>, <fo:page-number-citation-last>, axf:origin-id) PDF FO
Page numbers with mixed horizontal and vertical pages (axf:reverse-page-number, axf:reverse-page) PDF FO
Counter styles (<axf:counter-style>) PDF FO


Block arrangement, text alignment and direction within the block, border display, etc.

XSL Standard Specification
Creating optional spaces around text inside a block (start-indent, end-indent, border-*, margin-*, padding) PDF FO
Adding spaces between blocks (space-before, space-after) PDF FO
Border style and border width (border-style, border-width) PDF FO
Border style extension (border-style) PDF FO
Space before and after a spanning block (column-count, span) PDF FO
Keep adjacent blocks on the same page (keep-with-next.within-column) PDF FO
Place consecutive blocks on the same page (keep-together.within-page, keep-together.within-column) PDF FO
Absolute positioning of a block container (<fo:block-container>, absolute-position) PDF FO
Position and size of a block container (<fo:block-container>, inline-progression-dimension, block-progression-dimension) PDF FO
Overflow examples (overflow) PDF FO
List example (<fo:list-block>, <fo:list-item>, <fo:list-item-label>, <fo:list-item-body>, provisional-label-separation, provisional-distance-between-starts, label-end(), body-start()) PDF FO
Antenna House Formatter Extended Specification
Border extensions for rounded corners (axf:border-radius) PDF FO
Drawing a diagonal border (axf:diagonal-border, axf:reverse-diagonal-border) PDF FO
Thickness of double-border lines (border-style, axf:border-double-thickness) PDF FO
Thickness of triple-border lines (border-style, axf:border-triple-thickness) PDF FO
Generating wavy borders (border-style, axf:border-wave-form) PDF FO
Double-wave border form (border-style, axf:border-wave-form) PDF FO
Shape of connections between borders (axf:border-connection-form) PDF FO
Box shadow (axf:box-shadow) PDF FO
Limiting the height to which keep-together applies (axf:keep-together-within-dimension) PDF FO
fo:block-container with multiple columns (<fo:block-container>, axf:column-count, axf:column-gap, axf:column-rule) PDF FO
Filling columns (<fo:region-body>, <fo:block-container>, axf:column-fill) PDF FO
Text alignment in vertical direction (display-align, justify) PDF FO
Overflow extension (overflow, axf:overflow-replace, axf:overflow-condense) PDF FO
Specifying multiple condensing processes when text overflows (overflow, axf:overflow-condense, axf:overflow-condense-limit-*) PDF FO
Rendering where inline content overflows (overflow, axf:text-overflow) PDF FO
Adjustment when block in fo:inline-container overflows (overflow, axf:inline-overflow-align) PDF FO
Specifying whether to justify the last line after condensing the overflow (overflow, axf:overflow-condense, axf:condensed-text-align-last) PDF FO
Block transformation (axf:transform, axf:transform-origin) PDF FO
Line grid (axf:baseline-grid, axf:baseline-block-snap) PDF FO
Reduce unnecessary forced breaks (break-before, break-after, axf:break-distance) PDF FO


Table column, span, text position in a cell, etc.

XSL Standard Specification
Table alignment (<fo:table-and-caption>, text-align) PDF FO
Padding and border in a table (<fo:table-cell>, border-*) PDF FO
Column width (<fo:table>, inline-progression-dimension, column-width, proportional-column-width()) PDF FO
Column span & row span (number-*-spanned) PDF FO
Outputting table header and footer repeatedly (table-omit-*-at-break) PDF FO
Controlling a page break in a table row (<fo:table-row>, keep-together.within-page) PDF FO
Text aligment in a table cell (<fo:table-cell>, display-align) PDF FO
Adding a “continued” indicator when a table is split (<fo:retrieve-table-marker>) PDF FO
Rotating table (<fo:block-container>, reference-orientation) PDF FO
Border conflict resolution (<fo:table>, border-*-precedence) PDF FO
Table backgrounds (background-color, <fo:table>, <fo:table-header>, <fo:table-body>, <fo:table-footer>, <fo:table-row>, <fo:table-column>, <fo:table-cell>) PDF FO
Inheriting properties from table row and column (<fo:table-row>, <fo:table-column>, <fo:table-cell>, from-table-column()) PDF FO
Combining various table features (<fo:table>) PDF FO
Avoiding fo:table-row overflow due to keep-together.within-*="always" (keep-together.within-page, keep-together.within-column) PDF FO
Antenna House Formatter Extended Specification
Omitting table header/footer at a column break (table-omit-*-at-break) PDF FO
table-row widows/orphans (axf:table-row-orphans, axf:table-row-widows) PDF FO
Text alignment with text-align="<string>" (axf:text-align-string) PDF FO
Content of a table cell split by a page break (<axf:table-cell-repeated-marker>) PDF FO
Associating table body cells and table header cells (<fo:table-cell>, axf:headers, axf:scope, PDF/UA) PDF FO
Justify the height of table cells (justify-rowspan-height) PDF FO


Placing a float in any position.

XSL Standard Specification
Side float (<fo:float>) PDF FO
Antenna House Formatter Extended Specification
Page floats (<fo:float>, axf:float-reference, axf:float-x, axf:float-y) PDF FO
Multi-column float examples (<fo:float>, axf:float-reference, axf:float-x, axf:float-y) PDF FO
Column float examples (<fo:float>, axf:float-reference, axf:float-x, axf:float-y) PDF FO
Side floats (<fo:float>, axf:float-x) PDF FO
Arranging a float in a column (placed outside the column) (<fo:float>, axf:float-x) PDF FO
Positioning a float to the anchor point (<fo:float>, axf:float-y) PDF FO
Float move examples (axf:float-move) PDF FO


Line height, text alignment, leaders, line breaking and hyphenation, etc.

XSL Standard Specification
Line height (line-height) PDF FO
line-stacking-strategy (line-height, line-stacking-strategy) PDF FO
line-height-shift-adjustment (line-height, line-height-shift-adjustment) PDF FO
line-height-shift-adjustment and line-stacking-strategy (line-height, line-height-shift-adjustment, line-stacking-strategy) PDF FO
Text alignment in the block (text-align) PDF FO
Letter spacing (letter-spacing) PDF FO
Horizontal-in-vertical setting (tatechuyoko) (JLReq) PDF FO
Antenna House Formatter Extended Specification
Align title to top of text block (line-height, line-height.conditionality, axf:baseline-grid, axf:baseline-block-snap) PDF FO
Leader alignment (<fo:leader>, leader-alignment) PDF FO
Breaking Paragraphs into Lines (BPIL) (axf:line-break, Breaking Paragraphs into Lines, BPIL) PDF FO
Specifying the amount of space between the punctuation and digit in European Typography (<axf:space-*-punctuation>, <axf:space-between-*-and-*>) PDF FO
Intruding the inline element into the punctuation (axf:intrude-into-punctuation) PDF FO
Pair kerning in alphabets (axf:kerning-mode) PDF FO
Ligatures in alphabets (axf:ligature-mode) PDF FO
Space between Japanese and Western languages (ideograph-numeric, ideograph-alpha, ideograph-parenthesis) PDF FO
Trimming text at the end of line (axf:text-justify-trim) PDF FO
Hanging punctuation at the start / end of line (axf:hanging-punctuation) PDF FO
Hanging punctuation in Latin text (axf:hanging-punctuation) PDF FO
text-indent of a block at the top of the page (axf:text-indent-if-first-on-page) PDF FO
Adjusts the space at the end of the last line (axf:flush-zone) PDF FO
Adjusting the space on the last line (axf:adjust-last-line-spacing, Breaking Paragraphs into Lines, axf:flush-zone) PDF FO
Widow Adjustment of Paragraphs (axf:avoid-widow-words) PDF FO
Exclude punctuation from CJK widow word (axf:avoid-widow-words, axf:avoid-widow-words-cjk-punctuation) PDF FO
Unbreakable words (unbreakable-words) PDF FO
Non-starter Japanese character (axf:line-break) PDF FO
Trimming Japanese full-width punctuation (axf:punctuation-trim) PDF FO
Trimming the space between full-width punctuation and full-width character (axf:punctuation-spacing) PDF FO
Hyphenation processing and SOFT HYPHEN (hyphenate, SOFT HYPHEN) PDF FO
Hyphenation of hyphenated words (axf:hyphenate-hyphenated-word) PDF FO
Specifying the character count and zone of the word to be hyphenated (axf:hyphenation-minimum-character-count, axf:hyphenation-zone) PDF FO
Hyphenation processing of words that consist of uppercase letters (hyphenate, axf:hyphenate-caps-word) PDF FO
Adding hyphenation information (<axf:hyphenation-info>) PDF FO
Specifies whether to place a hyphen also at the start of the line when breaking lines at a hyphen (axf:double-hyphen-translineation) PDF FO
Controlling line breaking at abbreviations (axf:abbreviation-character-count) PDF FO
Independent line numbering in table columns (axf:line-number) PDF FO
Line numbers to always show (axf:line-number, axf:line-number-show) PDF FO
Example of line number orientation (axf:line-number-orientation) PDF FO
Adding line numbers except for continued lines (axf:line-number, axf:line-number-except-continued-line) PDF FO
Line continued mark (axf:line-continued-mark) PDF FO
Tabs (<axf:tab>, axf:tab-*) PDF FO
Right-alignment of last line of a paragraph (<fo:leader>, <axf:tab>, keep-together.within-line) PDF FO

Character Size, Weight and Decoration

Font size, style and text decoration, etc.

XSL Standard Specification
Font size (font-size) PDF FO
Font-stretch (font-stretch) PDF FO
Character style (font-weight, font-style, baseline-shift, text-decoration, border-style, color, background-color) PDF FO
Text shadow (text-shadow) PDF FO
White space and line breaks in program code (font-family, monospace, white-space) PDF FO
Changing the capitalization of text (text-transform) PDF FO
Glyph orientation (glyph-orientation-*) PDF FO
Antenna House Formatter Extended Specification
Specifying Japanese font face variants (font-variant, font-variant-east-asian) PDF FO
Additional fonts with axf:font-face (axf:font-face) PDF FO
Specify the Unicode range of the font added by axf:font-face, and adjust the font size (axf:font-face, unicode-range, size-adjust) PDF FO
Character outline (axf:text-stroke) PDF FO
Drop Caps (axf:initial-letters) PDF FO
Aligns the float on the start side of the dropped initial (<axf:initial-letters-start-intrusion>) PDF FO
Character string substitution (axf:text-replace) PDF FO
Specifying the direction of quotation marks (axf:quotetype) PDF FO
Emoji Support (Emoji) PDF FO


Formatting multiple languages, ligature, non-starter character, punctuation, etc.

XSL Standard Specification
Multiple languages (xml:lang) PDF FO
Writing direction in vertical mode (writing-mode) PDF FO
Antenna House Formatter Extended Specification
Dutch layout (xml:lang, text-replace-Dutch-IJ) PDF FO


Importing external images, watermarks in SVG, etc.

XSL Standard Specification
Loading external graphics (<fo:external-graphic>) PDF FO
Automatically fitting graphics to the drawing area (scale-to-fit) PDF FO
Graphic scaling in discrete steps (allowed-height-scale, allowed-width-scale, fo:scaling-value-citation) PDF FO
Embed graphic in XSL-FO (data:, <fo:external-graphic>) PDF FO
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) (<fo:external-graphic>, SVG) PDF FO
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 2 (<fo:external-graphic>, SVG) PDF FO
Displaying CGM Graphics (<fo:external-graphic>, CGM) PDF FO
Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) graphics (<fo:external-graphic>, EPS) PDF FO
MathML Samples (<math>) PDF FO
MathML rendering of menclose notation="circle" and pseudo script (<math>, pseudoScripts, encloseCircle) PDF FO
Antenna House Formatter Extended Specification
PDF graphics (PDF Embedding) (<fo:external-graphic>, PDF) PDF FO
Displaying WebP Graphics (<fo:external-graphic>, WebP) PDF FO
Example of watermark using SVG (background-image, SVG) PDF FO
Gradients (background-image, linear-gradient, radial-gradient, repeating-linear-gradient, repeating-radial-gradient) PDF FO
Display the alternate text of an image (axf:display-alttext, axf:alttext) PDF FO
Embed Microsoft Office documents using OSDC (axf:image-preproc) PDF FO

PDF Features

Bookmarks, links, annotations, etc.

XSL Standard Specification
PDF Bookmarks (<fo:bookmark-tree>, <fo:bookmark>) PDF FO
Links in PDF (<fo:basic-link>) PDF FO
Antenna House Formatter Extended Specification
Document Information embedded into PDF (<axf:document-info>) PDF FO
Page layout when PDF is opened (<axf:document-info>, pagelayout) PDF FO
Display of a link destination (axf:destination-type) PDF FO
PDF Embedding (<fo:external-graphic>, background-image, PDF) PDF FO
PDF embedding by specifying pages (<fo:external-graphic>, PDF) PDF FO
Printing by merging embedded PDF (background-image, <fo:block-container>, absolute-position, PDF) PDF FO
Annotations in PDF document (axf:annotation-*) PDF FO
Keeping the annotation in the embedded PDF (import-annotation-types) PDF FO
Specifying the annotation creation and modification date. (axf:annotation-createdate, axf:annotation-modifydate) PDF FO
Layer in PDF output (axf:layer-settings, axf:layer) PDF FO
Embedding multi media in PDF (<fo:external-graphic>, content-type) PDF FO
Embedded and External Multimedia Data (<fo:external-graphic>, axf:multimedia-treatment, content-type) PDF FO
Rich Media Annotations (<fo:external-graphic>, axf:multimedia-treatment, content-type) PDF FO
Form field (<axf:form>, <axf:form-field>) PDF FO
Adds a page number to the field name (<axf:form>, <axf:form-field>, axf:field-name-suffix-page-number) PDF FO
Form Event (<axf:form>, <axf:form-field>, <axf:form-field-event>) PDF FO
Printer Marks (axf:printer-marks, axf:crop-offset, axf:bleed) PDF FO
crop-trim, cross-circle, cross-registration (axf:printer-marks) PDF FO
Specifies whether printer marks are drawn over the page content (axf:printer-marks-over-content) PDF FO
Overprint (axf:overprint) PDF FO
Specifying expansion text for tags in Tagged PDF (axf:expansion-text, PDF, Tagged PDF) PDF FO

Color, Grayscale, CMYK

Color spaces.

Antenna House Formatter Extended Specification
Named colors (color) PDF FO
Grayscale rendering with rgb-icc() (rgb-icc, #Grayscale) PDF FO
CMYK color with rgb-icc() and cmyk() (rgb-icc, #CMYK, cmyk) PDF FO
PANTONE® spot colors with rgb-icc() (rgb-icc, PANTONE, #Separation) PDF FO
Colors as Hue, Saturation, and Lightness (color, hsl(), hsla()) PDF FO
Transparent and invisible text (color, transparent) PDF FO


Antenna House Formatter Barcode Generator Option must be purchased to use this feature.

Antenna House Formatter Extended Specification
Barcode (<fo:external-graphic>, data:application/vnd.ah-barcode) PDF FO
Barcode color and quiet zone (<fo:external-graphic>, data:application/vnd.ah-barcode, color, qz) PDF FO
Barcode color and size (<fo:external-graphic>, data:application/vnd.ah-barcode, color) PDF FO

Ruby and Emphasis Marks

Mono-ruby, group-ruby, jyukugo-ruby, emphasis mark, etc.

Antenna House Formatter Extended Specification
Ruby (<axf:ruby>, <axf:ruby-base>, <axf:ruby-text>) PDF FO
Ruby in vertical mode (<axf:ruby>, <axf:ruby-base>, <axf:ruby-text>) PDF FO
Ruby alignment (<axf:ruby>, axf:ruby-align) PDF FO
How ruby overhangs text (<axf:ruby>, axf:ruby-overhang, axf:ruby-limit-overhang, axf:ruby-limit-space, axf:ruby-condense) PDF FO
Ruby text appearance (<axf:ruby>, axf:ruby-font-size, axf:ruby-minimum-font-size, axf:ruby-small-kana, axf:ruby-color, axf:ruby-font-family, axf:ruby-font-weight, axf:ruby-font-style, axf:ruby-font-stretch) PDF FO
Ruby and emphasis marks (<axf:ruby>, axf:text-emphasis-style, axf:text-emphasis-offset) PDF FO

Advanced Forms

Dynamic content change (axf:document-info, axf:form, axf:form-field ) PDF FO


Extra examples

Cell repeat marker PDF FO
Document info PDF FO
Open Action Zoom PDF FO
Float in change bar PDF FO
Footnote PDF FO
Formatter configuration in FO PDF FO
Hyphenation configuration in FO PDF FO
Outline and multiple volumes PDF FO
Punctuation spacing PDF FO
Text Transform PDF FO
Table omit header and table omit footer PDF FO
Overflow PDF FO
Leader alignment PDF FO
Internal Destination PDF FO
Format PDF FO
Force page count PDF FO
Font variant PDF FO
Font stretch PDF FO
Font size adjust PDF FO
Display align PDF FO
Border style PDF FO
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