Antenna House PDF API

PDF editing functions can be easily implemented in the programs you develop!

"Antenna House PDF API" is a program that allows you to easily perform processing functions such as obtaining information, processing, and editing PDF files from the command line.

It is also easy to integrate into user-developed systems, applications, and web services.


"Antenna House PDF API" only has a command line version and no C++, C# or Java interface. Customers using the C++, C# or Java interface should use "Antenna House PDF API" by starting a process.




Many easy-to-use features

Numerous PDF editing and information retrieval functionalities are accessible through the command line.

Each command can be customized with specific options to tailor its function.

These capabilities can be seamlessly integrated into your programming for various PDF processing tasks:

  • Obtain PDF information and store in database.
  • Create search index by extracting text from the body text.
  • Extract and list PDF bookmarks.
  • Extract and download specified pages.




It also supports advanced PDF processing, including conversion to the international standards PDF/A-1b and 2b for long-term PDF preservation, font embedding and integration, PDF optimization, linearization (optimized for Web display), and security settings that support 256-bit AES encryption.



Easily integrated into web services


No advanced knowledge of programming languages or

PDF specifications is required!


You can easily handle "what you want to do to a PDF".

Since the program is executed by specifying commands and options, information obtainment, processing, and editing of PDF files can be executed with little development effort.

It can also be used from programming languages such as PHP, Phython, Ruby, and others enabling call and control executables, making it easy to integrate into web services.

NOTE: A separate ASP contract is required if the service is embedded in a Web service and provided to an unspecified number of people.




Use other library to convert and publish PDFs

For example, when combined with our "Office Server Document Converter", which can convert documents on the server side, Word documents and Excel files uploaded to the server can be converted to PDF on the server side. You can then build a Web service that displays a list of information obtained from the PDF with thumbnail images, or edit and process the converted PDF.



Other features


Multiple processes can be processed in parallel and executed simultaneously.

NOTE: Multiple "threads" cannot be processed in parallel within a single process.



PDF files to be processed

PDF files compliant with the ISO 32000 specification are eligible for processing.

This has the advantage that it is not limited to PDFs created with a particular PDF generation engine or PDF generation library.



Supported Platforms

Windows and Linux platforms are supported.




Main features







Editing PDF

Various editing and processing can be performed on PDF, such as merging, splitting, extracting pages, adding text, and setting document information.

Obtain information

Extract text and images from PDF, obtain document information, page numbers, bookmarks and annotations.

Setting security

Set passwords for document opening and editing permissions for PDFs, as well as restrictions on printing or what can be edited.

See more details.

Supported systems

Supported systems





Windows Server 2022
Windows 11/10

NOTE: Windows 10 S mode is not supported.


Required runtime library

Microsoft Visual C++ 2022 Runtime Library

glibc 2.34


Development environment



Microsoft Visual Studio 2022

GCC 11.4.1



Product Perpetual Annual Maintenance Subscription
Server $2,000 $400 $1,080
Standalone / Developer $700 $140 $380
with Formatter or OSDC (Server) $800 $160 $430
OEM / ASP contact for price