What Can OSDC Do?

Office Server Document Converter not only helps you develop new systems and applications, but also allows you to easily add functionality to existing systems and applications. Here is an example:

Office Server Document Converter supports both Windows and Linux, so all of the following examples can be built using Linux.

PDF Annotation Editing

Using Office Server Document Converter in the registration section, PDF files converted to images can be displayed, and multiple users can edit annotations in the same file at the same time.
Annotations entered can be easily listed by generation or by file by registering them in the database.



Create Thumbnails on a Server

Microsoft Office and PDF files can be converted to thumbnails by converting them to SVG or JPEG/PNG.
By adding these functions to file servers and KnowledgeManagement systems, it is possible to accurately grasp the image of file contents.




Safe Rendering

Convert Microsoft Office files (Word/Excel/PowerPoint) and PDF files containing macros and scripts to JPEG/PNG.
Office Server Document Converter ignores macros and scripts during conversion and uses our proprietary formatting engine to process the file, resulting in a secure image file.
The resulting image files can be converted to PDF to add the necessary security for internal or external use.





With OSDC Plus version, CGM images can be converted to file formats that can be viewed or placed on web pages or in documents without the need to install special plug-ins for viewing.