OSDC Commentary

Learn more about how you can get the most out of Office Server Document Converter:

What Can OSDC Do?

What are some examples of utilization for OSDC?

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Tutorial Videos

Watch Tutorials and Demos of OSDC in use.

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What Is Office Open XML? (OOXML)

An overview of OOXML, discussing benefits and leveraging applications.

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How to Convert MS Office Files to PDF or Images

How can program developers convert Microsoft Office files to PDF or image files by themselves without third party tools?

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How Are Images Embedded in Word Docs (docx) Handled?

Does the way your image is inserted affect how it is treated? Your settings can affect your resolution.

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Microsoft Word outlines and heading styles

Learn how to take advantage of Microsoft Word outlines and heading styles with this informative article.

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Formatting Excel Files for Paged output

This article discusses how to optimize Excel documents for paged display. Read on for more info...

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Microsoft SPLA Licensing Changes

This article discusses the upcoming Microsoft SPLA Licensing for Cloud environments, and the options users will have. Read on for more info...

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