Barcode Generator Option

Barcode Generator Option enables you to embed barcodes directly in the document as images. See also Barcode Generator Option Online Manual for more details. The Barcode Generator Option is compatible with CSS and XSL-FO.

Formatter Barcode Generator Option generates the barcode images (png or svg) and embed them directly in the document as images without using barcode fonts. This option now supports QR Code.

  • Barcode Generator Option is an another option and different from the previous Barcode Option that utilizes the barcode font.
  • This Option is not available with the evaluation version of Formatter.
  • Formatter Barcode Option can be used with Formatter Product version.

Formatter Barcode Generator Option supports the following barcode formats.

  • QR
  • MicroQR
  • Data Matrix
  • PDF417
  • Japan Post Customer Barcode
  • Intelligent Mail® Barcode
  • EAN / JAN
  • UPC (UPC-A, UPC-E)
  • Code 39
  • Interleaved 2of5 (ITF)
  • CODABAR / NW-7
  • Code 128
  • GS1-128 / EAN-128

The barcode can be specified by using data: scheme as follows;

<fo:external-graphic src="data:application/vnd.ah-barcode;type=QR;scale=2,Hello%20World!"/>

CSS -(Inline)

<img src="data:application/vnd.ah-barcode;type=QR;scale=2,Hello%20World!"/>

CSS – (In Stylesheet)

.barcode { content: url(data:application/vnd.ah-barcode;type=QR;scale=2,Hello%20World!); }

application/vnd.ah-barcode is a special media type of its own use. The barcode content you want to output can be specified directly as strings as shown above. You can also specify it with base64. The barcode is always enforced by axf:image-smoothing=”false”.

<fo:external-graphic src="data:application/vnd.ah-barcode;type=QR;base64,PD94bWwgdmVyc2lv..."/>

You can specify various barcode types by the type parameter.

Here is a PDF sample produced with the Formatter Barcode Generator Option.

Formatter V5.3 or later is required. System requirement depends on Formatter.


Formatter Barcode Generator Option for Standalone $300
Formatter Barcode Generator Option for Server $1,500


  • Formatter license is required to use Barcode Generator Option.
  • After purchasing Formatter, a user can purchase Barcode Generator Option separately as an add-on.
  • Formatter Barcode Generator Option is designed to work with Formatter product version.
  • Formatter Barcode Generator Option can run only on a computer where a registered license of Formatter is installed.

How To Buy

Formatter Barcode Generator Option can be purchased directly from Antenna House or through one of our Resellers.

Maintenance support for the Barcode Generator Option is determined by the 90 day maintenance warranty or annual maintenance period of the corresponding Formatter license.