CGM Option

Formatter CGM Option works with Formatter and processes CGM images.

Until XSL Formatter V4.2, rendering CGM was done by using plug-ins such as IsoView / IsoView WebCGM, Larson VizEx CGM Viewer. In this case, CGM is rasterlized and embeded into PDF as raster image. Formatter CGM Option enables Formatter to process CGM image natively and embed CGM as vector images in PDFs without degradation.

If you use CGM Option, no plug-in for CGM is needed and CGM can be used in all platform versions of Formatter.

The following is the CGM formatting result displayed in the Formatter GUI. You can print it directly form the GUI, or you can output formatting results into PDF.



Formatter CGM Option conforms to ISO/IEC 8632, W3C WebCGM. See CGM Conformance for details.

Formatter V4.3 or later is required. System requirements depends on Formatter.


Formatter CGM Output Option for Standalone $300
Formatter CGM Output Option for Server $1,500



  • XSL Formatter V4.3 or later is required to use CGM Option.
  • After purchasing Formatter, a user can purchase CGM Option separately as an add-on.
  • Formatter CGM Option is designed to work with Formatter product version.
  • Formatter CGM Option can run only on a computer where a registered license of Formatter is installed.

Formatter CGM Option can be purchased directly from Antenna House or through one of our Resellers.

Maintenance support for the CGM Option is determined by the 90 day maintenance warranty or annual maintenance period of the corresponding Formatter license.