Software Licensing

Antenna House offers multiple licensing options to cater to different business requirements across various industries. 

PerpetualSubscriptionStandalone • Server • ASP • OEM • Evaluation

Contact us for information about non-production, cloud, and virtual environment licensing.


Perpetual is a one-time purchase of a license that allows end users to use the software for as long as they comply with all terms of the end user license agreement. Annual maintenance is optional.


Subscription is a term-based license that allows the end user to use the software for a specified license period so long as the end user complies with the terms of the end user license agreement. At the end of the subscription period, the end user must stop using the software or renew and extend the license period.

Please note: The subscription license requires a 12-month commitment and the end user cannot opt out until the subscription period ends. The subscription license includes maintenance and support for the duration of the period.

If the end user wants to convert to a perpetual license during the subscription period, they will receive credit from the subscription license towards the purchase of a new perpetual license. Please note that the used maintenance period will be deducted from the credit.

Contact us to place an order or to inquire about periods less than 12 months.


Standalone license is for use by a single end user on one machine (desktop computer or laptop). One standalone license is required for each computer that will run Antenna House software. The standalone license cannot be used on a server and cannot be accessed by other computers directly or indirectly connected to the licensed machine.


Server license is for use on a central system that enables multiple users and client machines to access and run Antenna House software. A server license runs on a server computer and licensed per processor (CPU). We do not count cores. If the server has multiple processors and all of them are dedicated to run Antenna House software, it will require a server license for the first processor and additional processor licenses for subsequent processors.

Additional processor licenses are required for a server with multiple processors. A server license is required for the first processor and additional processor licenses are required for subsequent processors.


OEM licenses are offered to customers that want to integrate Antenna House software into their product and distribute it to clients. Contact us to discover which OEM licensing package best fits your business requirements.

Application Service Provider (ASP)

ASP license allows businesses who provide applications to end users over a network to use Antenna House software. ASP license is only available for Office Server Document Converter and licensed per processor. ASP license includes annual maintenance and set for a 12-month period. At the end of the period, the ASP license must be renewed for continued application use; otherwise it will terminate.


Evaluation license is for customers to test and fully understand our software as it pertains to their application.

The evaluation license may be used for the following:

  • Test how our software works
  • Check the function or performance
  • Formatter specific:
    • Study and learn more about the XSL-FO specification
    • Review how XSL-FO is implemented in Formatter
    • Writing books or papers about the subject of XSL-FO (Please reference Formatter Evaluation license)

The evaluation license cannot be used for the following:

  • Production activity without written permission from Antenna House
  • Software development such as development of a prototype (A standalone license can be purchased for development purposes)
  • To copy and distribute Antenna House software
  • Formatter specific:
    • To format XML documents for any customers
    • To provide the development service of XSLT Stylesheet for customers