What is provided with annual maintenance?

Annual maintenance contracts provide the following services for a 12-month period:

Who can receive maintenance service?

  • Customers with software licenses within a valid warranty period
  • Customers with valid annual maintenance contracts by initial purchase or renewing maintenance to keep it active

If the warranty or annual maintenance period has expired, customers may purchase an annual maintenance agreement by renewing retroactive to when their warranty or previous annual maintenance agreement ended. The customer is then entitled to continued support, the latest version release and all upgrades that become available during the period of the new agreement.

Maintenance renewals for less than 12 months

The minimum maintenance contract offered for new or existing licenses is six months. Here are the following exceptions:

  • Co-term maintenance with existing maintenance contracts: Charged at pro-rated amount. No minimum period.
  • Align maintenance period with fiscal year or calendar year: Charged at pro-rated amount. No minimum period.

One-to-one technical support

Antenna House provides one-to-one technical support for all software products. Simply email us for technical assistance and include the following:

  • Product and version
  • License key serial number
  • Operating system

Technical support does not provide assistance in customizing stylesheets. Contact us for consulting services for stylesheet development.

Technical support and software delivery will not be available on holidays in the U.S. Office for Antenna House. We will respond to your emails as quickly as possible.

Version upgrades and maintenance releases

Antenna House software is continuously being enhanced with new features and improvements. Announcements for new versions and maintenance releases will be sent by email for customers with registered licenses. Maintenance releases and version upgrades are only available to those with licenses within the warranty or maintenance period.

Customers with expired or no maintenance can upgrade to the latest release with the following options:

  • Purchase an annual maintenance retroactive to the end of their previous agreement or warranty period
  • Purchase a one-time upgrade for 50% off the purchase price of the software

License changes

Customers must have up-to-date maintenance in order to change their license key due to a change in operating system and/or change their license registration information. 

Bug reports 

Feel free to send us any bug reports. If the issue is identified as a bug, we will reply to you directly.

Mailing list

Registered licensees are automatically added to the Antenna House mailing list for the latest news, updates, and software releases. If you are not registered to a license but would like to be on our mailing list, contact us.