XSL Formatter V3.1 MR5

September 15, 2004

Bug Fixes

  1. When the page broke in the middle of the list in the block where intrusion-displace=”block” was specified, the list was placed incorrectly.
  2. When top and bottom were specified, height was not specified to the block-container with absolute-position, the value of bottom was ignored.
  3. When the writing mode was “rl-tb”, start-indent, end-indent of the table and block-container were processed incorrectly.
  4. The font with the font-weight of 250 could not be used.
  5. When a revision bar was specified to fo*table, an extra revision bar might be inputted.
  6. The link process might not be correct when PDF was outputted by Distiller.
  7. WMF might not be outputted to PDF correctly.
  8. The Ctrl+O shortcut didn't work in GUI.
  9. XSL Formatter could not be started if the non-existing font was specified as the standard font.
  10. When a border was specified in the adjoining cell, the portion where the border overlaped might be missing.
  11. ZWJ (U+200D) in Arabic, etc., was not processed correctly.
  12. When a table went over multiple pages, the process of keep-together.within-page=”always” specified to fo:table-row was ignored and the page might be broken.
  13. When FO with the CR line feed code was formatted, an incorrect bug might be outputted.
  14. When number-rows-spanned=”2″ or more was specified to the cell, the upper border of the cell might be missing.
  15. When number-rows-spanned=”2″ or more was specified to the cell, and background-color was specified to the lower table-row, the lower cell was ovelapped with the upper cell.
  16. The revision bar might not be displayed when the value of axf:revisionbar-offset was specified.
  17. The page broke in the table which has fo:float in the cell of the table-header, SystemError NextPage() might occur.
  18. There was a memory leak while printing or image processing.
  19. If the percentage or the length was specified to the vertical-align, an error of “Invalid property value:” occurred.
  20. Some white spaces might be missing only when .NET was used.
  21. If Hebrew etc. was in fo:table-header, the writing-mode in the table-header was not correct when it was divided.
  22. If a white space is just before the fo:inline, BIDI processing might not work correctly.
  23. When there was fo:table-header whose contents were empty, the SystemError occrred.
  24. When there was fo:block-container with absolute-position=”absolute” and display-align=”center”or “after”, without the lock-progression-dimension setting, PDF with an error might be generated.