XSL Formatter V3.2 MR4

April 20, 2005


  1. The processing speed has been improved.

Bug Fixes

  1. GIF file might not be displayed with MacOSX version.
  2. The page break might not work even if the break-after=”page” was specified for fo:table-row.
  3. The width of table on and after the second page expanded when the table that had specified reference-orientation=”90″ existed over two or more pages.
  4. font-alias specified by font-config might not become effective with MacOSX version.
  5. The character of the list on and after the second column in the multiple column might be overlapped.
  6. The formatted result was not correct when writing-mode was different in fo:retrieve-marker and fo:marker.
  7. border-before-width.conditionality=”retain” worked in the multiple column even if it was not specified.
  8. axf:overflow-condense did not work correctly in the multiple column.
  9. column-rule was not processed correctly when writing-mode=”rl-tb” was specified.
  10. The background color of the cell that steps over the page break was not correct by specifying padding.
  11. Ideograph-alphanumeric spacing might not work stably.
  12. float=”outside” might not be placed correctly.
  13. The Symbol font in WMF/EMF might not be displayed correctly.
  14. After changing page, an extra space was inserted into the cell that was adjacent to the cell for which number-rows-spanned was specified.
  15. setXSLTParam did not operate by Java Interface.
  16. When an error occurred as formatting, the PDF output from the Command-line Interface might hang up.
  17. In SmallCaps processing, there was a character such as Turkish, etc. that did not become a correct capital letter.
  18. When “Font-style =”italic” was specified for Arabic, the character of Arabic might not be displayed.
  19. For displaying SVG, when plural styles are specified for the same class the setting of the style might be disregarded.