XSL Formatter V3.2 MR5

May 19, 2005

Bug Fixes

  1. A certain kind of WMF was not correctly output to PDF.
  2. When the file that contains the blank was given in run.sh, it was not possible to open.
  3. Hyphenation option might not become effective in MacOS version.
  4. In MR4, the position of the page number of footer might not be correct.
  5. In MR4, the ruled line of the divided cell might not be correct.
  6. PDF embedded in PDF might not be able to be saved by naming with Acrobat6.
  7. The footnote might be unnecessarily sent to the following page.
  8. When a very small oval was drawn with SVG, PDF might not open it.
  9. When the nested block has span=”all” and break-before=”page”, the value of page number returned by page-number-citation that referred to the block might not be correct. (The value of correct value plus 1 was returned.)
  10. When clear is specified for block in list-item-body, the page does not break, and side-float that hangs to list-item is in front of list-item, if a page break occurred in list-item, the position of list-item-body might fall below because of side-float on the previous page.
  11. When fo:table-footer exists in fo:table, fo:table-header does not exist, border-after-* is specified for fo:table-row in fo:table-body, and the table is divided between pages, a part of border might no be displayed correctly.
  12. When the document that has mixed of vertical writing and horizontal writing is output to PDF, the position of the character might not be correct.
  13. The position of the line breaking might be influenced by float in the previous page.