XSL Formatter V3.3 R1

June 9, 2005


  • SVG Output using the new SVG Output Option.
  • Text and Property search in GUI.
  • Printer marks can now be output.
  • PDF Annotations can now be output. no-LT
  • The Radii of box corners and box shadows can be specified for borders. no-LT
  • Column setting within the fo:block-container is now available. no-LT
  • The axf:footnote-position property has been extended. This can be used to output marginal notes. no-LT
  • Base 14 fonts can now be embedded in PDF output.
  • Arrangement of footnotes can now be specified by axf:footnote-align and axf:footnote-stacking. no-LT
  • Footnotes duplicated in the same page can now be deleted.
  • Spot color is now supported. no-LT
  • JPEG2000 is now supported.
  • A raster image can now be down sampled.

No-LT: Not supported in Lite Version