XSL Formatter V3.3 MR2

September 13, 2005


  1. AIX is now supported.
  2. The hyphenation-ladder-count is now applied to SOFT-HYPHEN.

Bug Fixes

  1. The formatting process terminated abnormally when format=”a” was specified.
  2. In the English version, the file type of the Import/Export Option Setting dialog was not displayed correctly.
  3. number-columns-spanned and number-rows-spanned were not evaluated even if the calculation expression was specified.
  4. The linefeed position of the halfwidth KATAKANA might not be correct.
  5. When the table is nested, the number of lines of the first column and the second column might be different even if the contents of them are the same.
  6. Extra borders might be displayed in the table with a lot of numbers of row.
  7. Borders might not be displayed in the table of an automatic layout with a lot of numbers of row.
  8. The gradation of SVG might not be correctly printed.
  9. The formatting process hanged up when the font without the access right existed.
  10. An error occurred when a large amount of PDF was embedded.
  11. The border between table header and body, between table footer and body might not be correct.
  12. The redirect of HTTP was not correctly processed with other than the Windows version.
  13. The formatting process might hang up when there was an image which exceeds the column width in the block influenced by side-float.
  14. The break-before=”page” might not be effective in a complex table such as the table which reference-orientation etc. was used.