XSL Formatter V3.3 MR3

October 13, 2005


  1. The message for <xsl:message terminate=”no”> in XSLT is now output with GUI etc.. (except MSXML).
  2. The pass-through of GIF can now be controlled by the PDF output setting of the configuration file.
  3. The processing speed when there is a very large amount of <fo:marker> has been improved.

Bug Fixes

  1. xsl:param could not be changed correctly by the XSLT setting of the formatter settings option dialog.
  2. The linefeed position might not be correct when there is the blank ahead of <fo:inline> and there are the non-starter characters of <fo:inline> at the end of line.
  3. A part of the background color specified by the quater ellipse (rounding border) might be missing.
  4. The bookmark of just 256 characters might not be output to PDF.
  5. axf:break-all did not become effective when letter-spacing was specified.
  6. The small Kana letters were treated as Nonstarter characters when letter-spacing was specified.
  7. Within the nested <fo:block>, when page break happens on a certain condition, text-indent might be caused incorrectly.
  8. The blank before and behind <fo:wrapper> etc. might be displayed at the start of a line.
  9. The runtime error might occur when the gotor link was output in PDF.
  10. XSL Formatter installed on Samba might not be able to be started.
  11. Japanese punctuation characters might not be hung correctly.
  12. The position of the tone mark immediately before SARA AM might not be correct in Thai.
  13. There was a mistake in the file name of XfoJavaCtl included in the Macintosh version.
  14. The hyphenation option might not work in the Solaris version and the Linux version, etc..
  15. BIDI was not considered with fo:marker.
  16. The balance of columns might collapse when there was space deleted at the position of the column break.
  17. CMap might not be output correctly in PDF.