XSL Formatter V3.4 MR4

May 11, 2006


  1. Supports HP-UX11i v1 (B.11.11) PA-RISC.

Bug Fixes

  1. When the text alignment was justified and the letter spacing was specified, spaces might be arranged beyond the value of maximum.
  2. When forcible page breaks were specified at both front and back of the block in fo:block-container with the column setting, unnecessary page breaks might occur continuously.
  3. fo:inline with a width of zero might be sent to the following line.
  4. fo:inline whose size was fixed and empty might overflow at the end of line.
  5. When side-float was arranged in the head of <fo:block span=”all”> in the middle of column and the contents were not fitted in one page, the contents might overflow without being sent to the following page.
  6. Columns might not be spanned between fo:float and the block right before fo:float.
  7. side-float might not be arranged correctly, without ‘clear' being effective.
  8. The text might not flow around correctly when side-float was specified in table-cell.
  9. Unnecessary page breaks might occur after the block where span=”all” was specified.
  10. When space-before.minimum etc., were specified to fo:block in the table inside list-item-body, the table might not break correctly.
  11. The table might not be arranged correctly when outputting the text.
  12. Even if border-radius was specified, if there is no adjacent border, rounded corners might not be drawn.
  13. When ‘clear' was specified to fo:list-item and fo:float was in fo:list-item-body, column breaks between list-item might not occur.
  14. When a page broke in the middle of the text which has float on the side and ‘justify' was specified, spaces between letters might expand.
  15. The font of MathML might not be set to bold.
  16. Some Japanese character in MathML might not be arranged correctly.