XSL Formatter V4.1 MR1

Jan 11, 2007


  1. Fine tuning of each operator is now enabled by enhancing the Operator Dictionary of MathML.

Bug Fixes

  1. When the fo:block-container was in fo:block-container with column setting with fixed height, contents of the 1st column in the block-container overflowed exceeding the specified height.
  2. A different character was outputted in PDF with a certain font.
  3. When leaders was used with writing-mode=”rl-tb”, the contents on either side of leaders were displayed on a reverse position.
  4. When writing-mode=”from-page-master-region()” was used, the direction was not sometimes right.
  5. When span=”all” was specified and a table was sent to the next page without breaking according to the keep condition, etc., the footnote which had an anchor in the table remained in the previous page.
  6. When the block with span=”all” and the block without span=”all” continued by turns, the page area overflowed from the bottom of the page without breaking correctly.
  7. When there was side-float inside the block after the block with span=”all” and the area of side-float did not fit in the page, the text overlapped with a footnote without having a page break.
  8. The display position of the character of font-variant=”small-caps” on the screen was not correct when font smoothing was used on Windows XP.
  9. The character in the bookmark turned into garbage when creating a linearized PDF.
  10. In the column document after the block with span=”all”, the column overflowed without having a page break.