XSL Formatter V4.1 MR3

March 8, 2007

Bug Fixes

  1. When XML and XSL stylesheet were specified and formatted from the command line, an image referred to in XML was not acquired.
  2. In the document with table auto layout, when the column-width was specified to the table-column, and the cell spanned by the number-columns-spanned went to the table-column, the column width did not become the specified value.
  3. The hyphenation did not correctly work within the table cell.
  4. The word connected by U+00A0 was not hyphenated in a certain complicated case.
  5. When letter-spacing was specified, the word was not hyphenated correctly.
  6. When the different PDFs were embedded against the background, only the first PDF was embedded.
  7. When fo:page-number-citation was specified, BIDI was not processed correctly.
  8. When a page overflowed and broke while processing the format of fo:table-header with fo:retrieve-table-marker, a system error occurred.
  9. A character with some OpenType font was not embedded in PDF correctly.
  10. In the column document, a table was not correctly broken due to the relation to span=”all” or keep-with-previous=”always”.
  11. When there was fo:retrieve-table-marker, the specification of table-omit-footer-at-break and table-omit-header-at-break became invalid.
  12. If the url() function was applied to the external link, url() was written as is in PDF.
  13. When there was a complicated page sequence with force-page-count=”end-on-even” etc. and the page master being changed, excessive pages were outputted.
  14. The hyphenation took time when white-space-treatment=”preserve” was specified.
  15. TIFF in CYMK could not be read correctly.
  16. When border-after is specified to conditionality=”retain” in the table and table-cell has the border thinner than that, the height of the cell was shown incorrectly.