XSL Formatter V4.1 MR4

April 12, 2007


  1. fo:change-bar can now be specified to the region besides fo:region-body.
  2. When the font that doesn't have bold is outputted in PDF with bold setting, it's now displayed thicker.

Bug Fixes

  1. When the table split in the middle of the cell where number-rows-spanned was specified, the border showed incorrectly.
  2. When the table was in the column document with block-container, the length of the column remained the same as before even after the page broke.
  3. EMF/WMF using SetDIBitsToDevice was not displayed.
  4. The file name when outputted in separate volume was not correct.
  5. An error occurred when outputted in separate volume if Web optimization was specified.
  6. When there was side-float, list-item-label and list-item-body were placed separately.
  7. When there was a block with 0 height which has span=”all” and keep-with-previous=”always” immediately after the multi-column brock, the page cannot be split between the block and the following block with span=”all”.
  8. When block-container with the column is in a table cell, and the whole contents on the table were sent to the next page, the 1st column became short.
  9. The arrangement of Arabic in the footnote was not right.
  10. Could not select the character in PDF when a certain kind of character was contained.
  11. When PNG with alpha plain is outputted in PDF, the PDF was inaccurate.
  12. The arrangement of the munder bar was not correct in MathML.
  13. When the text in which U+5C continued in large quantities was outputted in PDF, XSL Formatter hung up.
  14. When break-before=”even-page” etc., was specified, fo:marker might not be referred to correctly under the complicated situation.
  15. When formatting FO with multiple page-sequence with AIX version, the segmentation fault might occur at rare intervals.
  16. When formatting FO with an error with the C++ interface, XSL Formatter hung up.
  17. The color of the text using the Separation color was not right in GUI.
  18. The amount of the white space might differ between when passing FO DOM to Render() and passing the FO stream to Render() with the .NET interface.
  19. Even when the frame attribute was not specified, framespacing was not disregarded in MathML.
  20. When there was a large block after the block with span=”all” and keep-with-ext=”always”and the page broke right before these blocks in the coulmn document, the following block overflowed.