XSL Formatter V4.1 MR5

May 11, 2007

Bug Fixes

  1. If axf:suppress-duplicate-footnote=”true” was specified, axf:footnote-number-citation did not function well.
  2. When the page size was filled with before-float and there was no space for the text, the text was arranged with an overflowed line.
  3. Although the column should be broken before the table, it overflowed without being broken.
  4. The prefix and page number specified by fo:folio-prefix were being separated in Arabic.
  5. When the Symbol font corresponding to the ASCII code of a parenthesis was used in Arabic, etc., the character width may differ depending on the font.
  6. In MathML, the white space was generated around the <mo> element of the formula in scripts, such as the <msup> element.
  7. When the area did not fit in the previous page and fo:marker was in the area sent to the following page, the correct contents of fo:marker was sometimes not acquired.
  8. When there was a block which should be broken after the block with span=”all” and keep-with-next=”always”, it was not broken if the block with span=”all” was also placed after that block.
  9. When the last column ended with table in the column document before the block with span=”all” and keep-with-next=”always” was specified to the table-row, the block with span=”all”overflowed without being broken.
  10. letter-spacing did not work against the character of the page number referred to by fo:page-number.