XSL Formatter V4.1 MR6

July 2, 2007

Bug Fixes

  1. When PDF/X3 with separation color was outputted, an error occurred.
  2. When there was a block-container in the table-cell and reference- orientation=”90″ was specified, the contents of the cell became narrow.
  3. When the page broke within the table-cell, the region-body overflowed.
  4. The white space coming after <fo:inline/> was deleted in the table cell with auto-table layout.
  5. When there was a white space inside the parentheses, the violation of the language typographical rules occurred.
  6. When the brock with span=”all” was not able to be devided and the page was not able to break between the block with column according to the keep condition, the page overflowed.
  7. When some font alias was specified, a segmentation violation occurred.
  8. The area tree was not outputted correctly from the command line.
  9. The color protruded the filling area when outputting EMF in PDF.
  10. A part of line in EMF was not displayed.
  11. When the page in the column block in front of the brock with keep-with-previous=”always” and span=”all” overflowed and the content went under the region-body, the following block went to the next page.
  12. The down sampling of a GrayScale image with Alpha Channel was not performed correctly.
  13. When axf:suppress-duplicate-page-number=”true” was specified and even if the page number was not the same, it was suppressed.
  14. By the processing of axf:suppress-duplicate-page-number=”true”, wrap-option=”no-wrap”specified to fo:inline became invalid.
  15. When fo:marker was in fo:wrapper and this brock was the top page, the fo:marker was displayed in the previous page's fo:retrieve-marker.
  16. When the height of region-body became small in the page master for the last page in the column document, the column overflowed from region-body in the last page.