XSL Formatter V4.2 R1

August 7, 2007


  • Support for Unicode 5.0.
  • Supports surrogate pair characters.
  • Supports pair kernings for European languages. no-LT
  • Supports ligatures for European languages.no-LT
  • Possible to change the glyph of Japanese Kanji. no-LT
  • Supports JIS X 0213:2004. no-LT
  • Supports Devanagari scripts. no-LT
  • Supports improved Arabic Typesetting by enhancing the processing of Arabic feature. no-LT
  • Supports PDF1.7.
  • Supports PDF/A. no-LT
  • Supports PDF Forms. no-LT
  • Possible to use the PDF Digital Signature (only available with the Windows version). ☞ PDF Digital Signature Module no-LT
  • PostScript ® Output Option is available. ☞ XSL Formatter PostScript® Output Option.
  • The following properties have been added or extended with V4.2:
    • axf:field-apply-signature no-LT
    • axf:field-button-face no-LT
    • axf:field-button-face-down no-LT
    • axf:field-button-face-rollover no-LT
    • axf:field-button-icon no-LT
    • axf:field-button-icon-down no-LT
    • axf:field-button-icon-rollover no-LT
    • axf:field-button-layout no-LT
    • axf:field-checked no-LT
    • axf:field-checked-style no-LT
    • axf:field-default-text no-LT
    • axf:field-description no-LT
    • axf:field-editable no-LT
    • axf:field-maxlen no-LT
    • axf:field-multiline no-LT
    • axf:field-multiple no-LT
    • axf:field-name no-LT
    • axf:field-password no-LT
    • axf:field-readonly no-LT
    • axf:field-required no-LT
    • axf:field-scroll no-LT
    • axf:field-submit-coordinates no-LT
    • axf:field-submit-method no-LT
    • axf:field-top-index no-LT
    • axf:field-type no-LT
    • axf:field-value no-LT
    • axf:japanese-glyph no-LT
    • axf:kerning-mode no-LT
    • axf:ligature-mode no-LT
    • axf:line-number-text-align no-LT
    • axf:line-number-width no-LT
    • format
    • text-align
  • The following elements are new:
    • <axf:form> no-LT
    • <axf:form-field> no-LT
    • <axf:form-field-option> no-LT
  • Displays facing pages in GUI.

Bug Fixes

  1. The attribute of overflow=”hidden” was not outputted when outputting the area tree.
  2. When script-font script=”Latn” was specified inside the configuration file, the Latin script specified in FO was disregarded.
  3. When there was an empty fo:wrapper with id setting in the head of the block and the block with span=”all” followed that block, unnecessary column break occurred in the column document.
  4. In the three column document, the page overflowed without braking the second column when the block with span=”all” continued after the column.
  5. When more than one number-rows-spanned were specified to table-cell and the page broke with the another table-cell, the height of the table became short though the content of the table-cell fitted within the page.
  6. When font-size=”0″ was specified in MathML, the next block was not displayed correctly.
  7. Japanese punctuation trimming was applied to characters other than full width.
  8. When axf:overflow-condense=”font-stretch” was specified, the amount of the stretch was too large.
  9. text-align=”.” did not work.
  10. The area tree could not be specified with the command line.
  11. When there was a column document which did not fit in one page and it follows after the block with span=”all” and the page broke, the page number was not displayed correctly.
  12. axf:base-uri might not be reflected correctly to PDF.
  13. Some CGM could not be displayed.
  14. When fo:marker was specified near fo:leader, it was not processed correctly in Arabic.