XSL Formatter V4.2 MR5

March 4, 2008

Bug Fixes

  1. Occasionally symbol character does not output in Solaris version.
  2. Occasionally graphic position is shifted wrong in the PS output.
  3. Occasionally space character vanishes when formatting from Area Tree.
  4. Occasionally graphic file cannot be loaded via HTTP interface.
  5. Some characters do not appear when using some Traditional Chinese font.
  6. When using PDF specifying page as background image, PDF output process is slow.
  7. Some SVG does not appear in PDF output.
  8. Occasionally “imported Page Error” occurs when specifying PDF as background image.
  9. Occasionally program exception occurs when outputting PS from FO that contains fo:external-graphic.
  10. The output message is not suitable when font embedding fails in the PS output.
  11. Raster images without BMP, TIFF is not supported in the PS output.
  12. Occasionally unnecessary blank page is generated when block with zero height comes at the beginning of page and next comes large block that causes page overflow.
  13. Occasionally SVG graphic is outputted as broken image in Solaris, Linux version.
  14. Occasionally break-before=”column” does not work in the fo:block-container that has width and height designation.
  15. Occasionally Latin characters are formatted right to left when it is placed after the Arabic character block.
  16. Occasionally the character U+002D is changed to U+2212 in the MathML option.
  17. Occasionally there comes unnecessary space between body text and footnote that specifies axf:footnote-align=”before”.
  18. Some Type1 font causes “Select Font Error” due to the font content problem.
  19. Application error occurs when specifying the option setting file that describes the fonts which does not exist in the font folder.
  20. Occasionally incorrect fo:marker value appears corresponding to the span=”all” designation.
  21. Occasionally axf:footnote-number is not correctly numbered.
  22. Sometimes graphic data does not compressed in the PS output.
  23. Occasionally “System Error. Source:nextPage()” happend depending FO.
  24. Sometimes proper font is not used in MathML.
  25. The spanned row's display-align = “center”, “after” is not effective when table-omit-footer-at-break = “true”.
  26. Sometimes the word registered in hyphenation exception dictionary is not hyphenated as expected.
  27. axf:overflow-condense = “font-stretch” is not effective in AreaTree output.
  28. Occasionally line breaks at the incorrect position due to the influence of the quote marks.