XSL Formatter V4.3 R1

April 28, 2008


  1. Added Windows x64 version to the line-up.
  2. Added CGM Option.
  3. Added INX Output Option.
  4. Added axf:overflow-condense-limit-font-stretch property.

Bug Fixes

  1. Warning error outputs when specifying axf:outline-font-style=”italic”.
  2. Occasionally the underline does not appear in the top to bottom writing mode.
  3. Occasionally axf:punctuation-spacing does not work due to the combination of characters.
  4. axf:punctuation-spacing does not work when specifying font-stretch together.
  5. Occasionally “(3202) Invalid Parent Acroform Error” occurs.
  6. Occasionally fo:block-container in the column overflows pages.
  7. Absolute positioned graphic that its position of left, top=0mm overflows fo:region-body by 1pt.
  8. Annotation catalog of axf:annotation-contents outputted by the reverse order.
  9. Black rule appears when making annotation by axf:annotation-contents.
  10. Occasionally “(3352) Load ICC Color Profile Error” occurs when FO contains PDF as fo:external-graphic.
  11. XSL Formatter cannot continue processing when detecting PDF/A related errors.
  12. Some Type1 font causes “Font file error: StartKeningPairs”.
  13. Occasionally unrecognizable error message outputted at the PDF/A output.
  14. Occasionally the display size of graphic is reduced to the horizontal dimension when specifying overflow=”hidden”.
  15. Occasionally System error source:nextPage() occurs when table cell contains block-container that has reference-orientation property.
  16. Occasionally position of fo:block-container in the table header is shifted wrong.
  17. Occasionally the texts of fo:basic-link are placed beyond the fo:region-body.
  18. Occasionally the CJK punctuation is not placed at the end of line in spite of enough space.
  19. Occasionally axf:footnote-number elements in the table are numbered incorrectly.
  20. Font metrics evaluation is not correct for TrueType and OpenType fonts.
  21. Some kind of EMF is displayed only a part.
  22. If there is region except fo:region-body that contains blank page by force-page-count property, sometimes “System Error.source:nextPage()” occures.
  23. Occasionally multi column fo-block-container overflows beyond the bottom of page.
  24. If fo:table contains fo:footnote and its surrounding fo:block has space-after property that its conditionality = “retain”, occasionally footnote body is placed next page.
  25. Occasionally embedding PDF as fo:external-graphic specifying page causes error.
  26. Occasionally command line outputs only 1 page PDF even though there should be many pages.