XSL Formatter V4.3 MR1

June 12, 2008

Bug Fixes

  1. If FO contains too many SVG graphics, “PDF output failed” error occurs.
  2. If FO contains particular SVG graphics, printer sometimes returns error.
  3. Specifying axf:border-radius extended property to fo:table does not work correctly.
  4. The error EPS file name is not displayed when outputting PDF from FO using Distiller.
  5. Sometimes if text contains U+200B (ZERO WIDTH SPACE), text-align=”justify” does not work correctly.
  6. Text portion of some type of EMF is not outputted to PDF or displayed.
  7. Occasiobally clipping operation does not processed correctly for some type of EMF.
  8. Some FO causes core-dump at INX output in Solaris version.
  9. Some type of FO causes Java VM to crash when formatting using Java interface in Solaris version.
  10. Occasionally FO that contains MathML causes Java VM to crash when formatting using Java interface.
  11. Occasionally FO that contains MathML causes “Unknown or unsupported graphic file” error.
  12. Occasionally redundant space is inserted between PDF and text when formatting FO into PostScript.
  13. Occasionally table in the first column overflows beyond page in the two column layout.
  14. Some kind of FO can be formatted into PDF using Windows GUI but Code: 32778 error occurs when using command-line.
  15. Some type of multi column FO causes table to overflow into footnote area.
  16. Some Type1 font causes “Font read error: Extent Table read error”.
  17. Some OpenType font that has extension “.ttf” causes “Font file error: Bad sfntVersion type XXXXXXXX”.
  18. Some Type1 font causes “Font read error: Pair Kerning Table read error”.
  19. Courier New font sometimes causes “‘GDEF' markAttach ClassDef error”.
  20. Occasionally rules of embeded PDF is not displayed.
  21. Occasionally raster graphic does not displayed in CGM Option.
  22. The specification was changed: When overflow=”condense” and axf:overflow-condense=”font-stretch” or axf:overflow-condense=”font-size” are specified to fo:block-container, the text will be justified. But if text-align-last is specified explicitly, the last line will follow that specification.