XSL Formatter V4.3 MR2

July 28, 2008


  1. Linux x86_64 version was added.
  2. XPS Output Option was added.
  3. The axf:repeat-footnote-in-table-header property, the axf:repeat-footnote-in-table-footer property were added.

Bug Fixes

  1. “Create font error” may occur with a specific font.
  2. A specific bar code font may be set to “Missing glyph”.
  3. The font setting of the GUI Option is not applied to the reformatted FO.
  4. Bold specification of a font is not reflected when outputting to PostScript.
  5. A character may not be displayed with a specific font when outputting to PostScript.
  6. An error occurs when embedding PDF created by Acrobat 9 with standard settings.
  7. The document overflows without dividing the area when outputting to PDF other than using GUI.
  8. A link does not function, or an error may occur when the security is set to the PDF.
  9. A circle may not be outputted correctly to PDF.
  10. When the external image is being referred to by SVG, it may not function correctly.
  11. The character in WMF may not be displayed.
  12. axf:hanging-punctuation=”end” may not work.
  13. When axf:overflow-condense-limit-font-stretch is specified, “hidden” and “repeat” do not function.
  14. When axf:punctuation-spacing=”0em” is specified to the closing parentheses in fo:inline, it doesn't work.
  15. When there is a table in block-container in the column, the page breaks incorrectly in the middle of the page.
  16. When the numerical value is specified as the value of keep-together (.within-line), a word may be divided in the middle which must not be divided.
  17. An error occurs when outputting a document to the printer using obj.XmlDomDocument of the dotnet.