XSL Formatter V4.3 MR3

August 21, 2008

Bug Fixes

  1. keep-together.within-page=”always” may not function correctly in FO with columns.
  2. When there are change-bars with the same class name, they are outputted without being separated.
  3. When axf:text-justify-trim is specified, line break does not work correctly.
  4. axf:punctuation-trim=”start end adjacent” does not work correctly.
  5. The list label, BULLET • turns into a Japanese font or into an European font in turn.
  6. The space between characters is trimmed when ZapfDingbats font is used and displayed in GUI.
  7. Printer marks are not outputted with the registration color in PDF.
  8. The position of a character may be inaccurate and shifts from the underline when outputting to PDF.
  9. The error message is not correct when applying a digital signature and outputting to PDF while the destination PDF file is open.
  10. The conversion from GIF file may not be done correctly.
  11. An inaccurate line may be outputted when formatting the arc lines of EMF and WMF.
  12. When footnote is included in footer with table-omit-footer-at-break=”true”, Footnotes other than the footnote of table-header is outputted to the last page.
  13. When table-header/table-footer are specified repeatedly, table-header after the line break may not be outputted correctly.
  14. table-header after the page break may not be outputted correctly.