XSL Formatter V4.3 MR4

September 25, 2008

Bug fixes

  1. When formatting data with MathML multiple times, a character may be garbled.
  2. An error occurs when outputting tagged PDF and is found when performing a full check of the accessibility of Acrobat.
  3. A character position may shift and it may overlap when outputting to PDF.
  4. An error may occur when outputting TIFF data to PDF.
  5. PDF may not be created when PDF is specified to be output into multiple separate volumes.
  6. When a document with vertical writing is output to PDF, a character position may shift.
  7. The direction of the character of axf:alt-glyph in the vertical writing document is sometimes incorrect when outputting to PDF.
  8. A character of Type1 font may not be displayed in the PDF.
  9. An SVG imaged embedded in PDF may not be displayed.
  10. Trimming of the space between full-width puncuations is not processed correctly.
  11. When axf:suppress-duplicate-footnote=”true”is specified, footnote-number may shift.
  12. A data with retrieve-table-marker may not be formatted correctly.
  13. An integer value of keep-together specified in fo:table may be disregarded.
  14. A table cell is overwrapped.
  15. When a footnote is in table-header and axf:footnote-number-reset=”none” is specified, a number may shift when a page breaks.
  16. table-footer may not come out at the end of the table.
  17. The color of rule-style is not outputted to the area tree.
  18. When the outputted PDF is optimized by Acrobat, an error may occur.