XSL Formatter V4.3 MR7

April 14, 2009

Bug Fixes

  1. A part of the link might not become effective when formatting with two pass option.
  2. The page only of several lines might be made by data with a lot of footnotes.
  3. runtime error R6025 might be generated.
  4. The link of bookmark might become invalid.
  5. A table border might disappear.
  6. The result might be different in the PDF output from GUI and the PDF output from the command line.
  7. When PDF with the file name including the white space is specified as the background, it is not correctly outputted.
  8. It is likely to become an error when a tagged PDF made by data with the acroform is checked with the accessibility checker tools in Adobe Acrobat (Full Check).
  9. A memory leak might occur when formatting data that uses the image.
  10. When a ligature is composed, stretch might not be reflected in the width calculation.
  11. When the column block starts from the position where there is not enough space in the page and column balancing is performed, the column might not break.
  12. When the PDF outputted by data with forms is opened with Acrobat Reader, it is likely to become an error.
  13. The system error might occur if the font with a specific PFA format is used.
  14. Font-stretch might work more than the necessity when the page overflows.
  15. When data with the TIFF image is outputted in PDF, the image might be distorted.
  16. When data with the image is outputted to PDF/A, PDF/A file might not exist though the formatting ends normally.
  17. The column might overflow without breaking in an appropriate point when there is block-container in the column block and table or block-container is in it and the block with span=”all” comes after the block.
  18. The height of the table row with row-span might not become correct.
  19. WMF might not be drawn correctly.
  20. ChartML is not outputted to GUI, and the error might occur when the PDF is outputted.
  21. The system error might occur when PDF is outputted by using data with the font of Khmer via Distiller.
  22. The content of the cell might overflow to the right when the content needs to be split.
  23. A missing glyph error might occur even if the glyph exists in the specified font.
  24. When axf:overflow-condense=”font-size” is specified and full width punctuation is specified to trim, the character might become small too much.
  25. A period might be outputted to the start of line.
  26. When the file is referred by specifying the relative path in data, it might not be interpreted correctly.
  27. When outputting to INX, the box is out of alignment and the radio button occasionally overlaps.
  28. When outputting to INX, a table might not be outputted.
  29. The color fill in CGM data might not be correctly outputted.
  30. When fo:index-key-reference page-number-treatment=”link” is used and linked, it might not be linked correctly.
  31. The column break processing in the nested table might not be correct.
  32. The width of the rotated table cell might not become correct.