Formatter V5.2 R1

August 9, 2010


The following new PDF output features have been added:
“no-LT” designates that this feature is not available with AH Formatter Lite.

    1. Entire fonts can now be embedded in the PDF, not just a subset of the font.
    2. RGB images can be automatically converted to CMYK when outputting to PDF/X and PDF/A. (no-LT)
    3. 3D objects can now be embedded in PDF. (no-LT)
    4. PDF pages can be output in reverse order.
    5. Encryption key length can now be specified using 128AES/256AES.
    6. Tag names for Tagged PDF can now be customized with the pdftag extension property. (no-LT)

The following properties have been added or extended:
“no-LT” designates that this feature is not available with AH Formatter Lite.

    1. axf:overflow-align
    2. axf:line-number-prefix (no-LT)

Values for the following properties have been extended:

    1. Justify is added to display-align
    2. Support for BIDI with the following scripts when rendering SVG data.
    • Arab : Arabic
    • Hebr : Hebrew
    • Thai : Thai
    • Deva : Devalagari

The following attributes have been added to the Font Configuration File:

    1. Ability to specify the Unicode range to a font with unicode-range.
    2. The font size of a specific font can now be adjusted with font-size-adjust.
    3. The base line of a specific font can now be adjusted with baseline-adjust.

The following features have been added to the CGM Option:

    1. Support for the Character Orientation attribute.
    2. Support for Compression Type of CGM 6 and 9.
    3. Support for all the notation attributes that belong to the <menclose> property of General Layout with MathML rendering.

The following CSS elements and properties are newly implanted:

      1. :first-line pseudo-element
      2. ‘display' property
      3. ‘float' property
      4. ‘content' property
      5. ‘quotes' property
      6. 'empty-cells' property


      1. ‘background-size' property
      2. box-decoration-break' property

Note: V5.2 contains a beta version of the MO:DCA Output Option. If you are interested in testing this option please send an email to

CSS – The following issues have been corrected:

    1. When converting html data to INX, the page layout was not correctly outputted.
    2. When target-counter(attr(href, url), page) was used, the page number became zero.
    3. When formatting specific html data that included float data, an exception error occurred.

XSL – The following issues have been corrected:

    1. A list that came next to the float was not positioned correctly.
    2. When “None axf:japanese-glyph =” was specified, the “Invalid property value” an error occurred.
    3. When axf:leader-expansion was used, the length of leader was not correct.
    4. When outputting specific data to PDF with solaris (sparc), core dumps occurred.
    5. When outputting specific date to PDF with Windows, an exception error occurred.
    6. When the column break was inserted within the revision bar, an error occurred.
    7. The border of the table overflowed.
    8. When there was a float in fo:list-item-label and writing-mode=”rl-tb”
      was specified, the indent in list-item-body was not processed correctly.
    9. The block with keep-together.within-page=”always” in the two column document overflowed.
    10. The position of a character shifted incorrectly in the horizontal dimension with specific data.
    11. The force page break or column break did not work in a multicolumn document and the page overflowed.
    12. fo:leader overflowed.
    13. When formatting FO that embedded specific PDF file, the Imported Page Contents Error occurred.
    14. When axf:column-fill=”auto” was specified, axf:overflow-condense specified in fo:block-container did not become effective.

Common – The following issues have been corrected:

    1. Background images were not outputted to INX and MIF.
    2. The text in the table cell and the border in the empty cell were missing when outputting to MIF.
    3. The position of the image in the table shifted when outputting to MIF.
    4. The size of SVG was not correct with SVG rendering.
    5. Some characters were not outputted when *.afm was used.
    6. When a specific font was specified, the “Create font error” occurred with Mac.
    7. When outputting specific data with a table to MIF, an exception error occurred.
    8. The “Because the depth of state nesting is over the limit” error occasionally occurred with specific SVG data.
    9. When formatting specific SVG data, the text overlapped or the text was not put in a table correctly.
    10. U+25CF caused the ‘Missing glyph U+25CF in ‘ZapfDingbats' error.
    11. When outputting specific data to MIF and opened it with FrameMaker, only 1 blank page displayed.
    12. When rendering SVG with polygon without points, an exception error occurred.

The following limitations have been removed:

    1. The integer value applied to the keep attribute is now available between multi column and span block.
    2. Font alias is now available to define for the font family which consists of multiple files.