Formatter V5.2 MR1

December 21, 2010


The following new MIF output features have been added:

    1. Image files can now be selected whether embedded or external links.
    2. Basic-link is made available to convert into FrameMaker hypertext.

The following option settings can now be cancelled:

    1. Child elements of <formatter-settings>
    2. <list-style-type>
    3. <script-chars>
    4. <space-after-punctuation>
    5. <space-before-punctuation>
    6. <space-between-digit-and-punctuation>
    7. <space-between-punctuation-and-digit>

Optional character strings can now be specified to axf:punctuation-trim.

When multiple applicable page masters are found, level 2 warning is now outputted.

XSL – The following issues have been corrected:

    1. change-bar in fo:table generates an error.
    2. An exception error occasionally occurrs by specific data.
    3. UNC path specified to external-destination was not correctly
      converted when outputting to PDF.
    4. The position of side-float and block in fo:table might not be correct.
    5. The linefeed position was not correct when justify was specified.
    6. The table border occasionally shifted.
    7. When the Arabic document was outputted to distiller, the character position was not correct.
    8. The table cell occasionally collapsed when <fo:table-row> was omitted.
    9. The footnote disappeared when page master was specified to the last page and the footnote went to the subsequent page.
    10. When the FO data was specified as the document, and XSL was specified as the stylesheet, the stylesheet was not applied.
    11. The font selected by axf:text-justify-trim=”Kana” occasionally changed.
    12. When HyphenationOption is “false”, even if the exception with upper case was registered in <exceptions>, it was not effective.
    13. When HyphenationOption is “true”, even if the exception was registered, it was not effective.
    14. There was float in fo:list-item-label and writing-mode is “rl-tb”, the indent of list-item-body might not be correct.
    15. When a space was included in master-name, the (2803) error was outputted.
    16. Even if axf:suppress-duplicate-footnote = “true was specified, it was not effective.
    17. default-font-family specified in the Option Setting was not effective.
    18. line-height.conditionality=”discard” was not effective.
    19. The last page occasionally overflowed with data where the last page was set.
    20. The page break occurred on the way even if keep-together.within-page=”always” was specified.
    21. The color or background-color properties were not effective when there was U+200F.
    22. Extension properties for European typography was not effective.
    23. The position of the text block (space-before) occasionally changed depending on the height of float.
    24. The overflow was occasionally generated by specific data.
    25. The output position of the character was not correct without correctly processing the width of the character when trimming the space between characters.
    26. An exception error occasionally occurred when formatting the specific data repeatedly.
    27. The character overflowed the end of line because processing of adding the white space between Japanese characters to the adjoining area was not correctly done.
    28. The link did not become effective by the character type of id.
    29. axf:footnote-number-reset did not occasionally function correctly when axf:footnote-position was “column”
    30. The position of block in the table cell with display-align=”center” occasionally shifted.

Common – The following issues have been corrected:

    1. A system error occurred due to the memory shortage when outputting PDF.
    2. When rtl (Arabic language) document was outputted to distiller, the character position was occasionally not correct.
    3. An exception error occurred when the mtable element of MathML was illegal.
    4. A part of the character in CGM was placed upside down.
    5. The pattern of the background was not correctly outputted in CGM.
    6. The dotted line was not drawn in CGM.
    7. Circular form was not correctly outputted in CGM.
    8. An exception error occurred when formatting by GUI due to the memory shortage.
    9. When <tspan style =”Font-family:Arial”> was specified it was not effective in the SVG drawing.
    10. When outputting SVG to PDF, the background was not correctly outputted.
    11. The layout of the text in the table was not correct with INX output.
    12. The glyph of U+0027 (quotesingle) occasionally changed.
    13. An error occurred when embedding a specific jpeg image with non-Windows platform.


    1. When creating a PDF with the owner password specified by Option Setting File, an error occurred when opening PDF.
    2. The file opening error occurred when formatting XML+XSL, and then outputting XSL-FO and PDF repeatedly with Solaris (sparc) version.
    3. A specific EMF was not correctly outputted.