Formatter V5.3 R1

April 28, 2011


Barcode Generator Option is added.The following features have been added to the PostScript Option:

    1. Fonts can now be specified whether embedded in PostScript by noembed-font in the Option Setting File.
    2. External links specified by the relative address can now be converted to either of the action types of the PDF link properties by use-launch-for-relative-uri in the Option Setting File.

The following elements have been added:

      1. axf:formatter-config
      2. axf:hyphenation-info

The following properties have been added:

      1. axf:line-number-orientation
      2. axf:abbreviation-character-count
      3. axf:suppress-folio-prefix
      4. axf:suppress-folio-suffix
      5. axf:hyphenate-hyphenated-word

It's now possible to hyphenate another language appearing in the CJK document by script-language-in-CJK in the Option Setting File.

CSS – The following issues have been corrected:

    1. Even if the same text and the setting were specified for the header, the output result was different.
    2. An exception error occasionally occurred by specific CSS data.
    3. The formatting process did not end if data has the side floating.
    4. When the page break occurred in the float page, the content was not outputted to the next page.

XSL – The following issues have been corrected:

    1. Justify specified to inline-container was not occasionally correctly processed.
    2. When there was U+200F, the line break was not correctly processed.
    3. The Japanese font was selected to the Roman character space at the top of the block when xml:lang=”ja” was specified.
    4. The page overflowed when the page break occurred in the middle of the table in block-container due to the change of the page master and page size.
    5. When axf:overflow-replace was specified to the vertical-written block-container, it produced horizontal writing.
    6. The ‘CELL ARRAY' instruction was processed incorrectly and did not display when drawing CGM.
    7. The column document was not processed when there was a footnote.
    8. When overflow=”repeat” was specified to the vertical-written block-container, a column break or a page break occurred.
    9. The page overflowed when the page master was switched in order to break a page in the nested table and change the column.
    10. When text-align=”justify” was specified to the block in the two-column document, the block overflowed.
    11. When axf:punctuation-trim=”all” was specified, single-byte parentheses occasionally overlapped.
    12. The specification of the hyphenation exception dictionary was not correctly processed.
    13. When PDF file was made from the area tree, the annotation was not correctly outputted.
    14. When two-pass formatting was done, the size of the PDF became larger than ordinal.
    15. The exception handling of the Hungarian hyphenation was not correctly produced.
    16. The specification of SVG:font-weight was not effective.
    17. The position of the revision bar was incorrect.
    18. The axf:text-align-string specification was not effective.
    19. An error occurred with PDF output when the field value was specified to the invalid axf:form-field-option.
    20. Table cells overflowed with specific data.
    21. When background-color is specified to fo:table-header, the PDF tag was incorrect.
    22. The table overflow was not detected.
    23. When rounding the corner of the table with the footer by specifying axf:border-radius, it also affected the cell that was not the corner.
    24. An error was not outputted even if the overflow occurred in the block with span=”all” in the column document.
    25. When there was U+200B at the end of fo:block and it was located at the end of line, it was sent to the next line and white space was generated.
    26. When PDF/A was generated from the area tree, an error occurred because color-profile-name was not reflected on the area tree.
    27. An empty page was outputted without generating an error when incorrect size was specified.
    28. When PDF was outputted from specific data in Mac version, “20294 Floating point exception error” occasionally occurred.
    29. Even if break-before=”page” was specified with specific data, the page did not break.
    30. The float in the list overlapped with contents below.
    31. The page break was not correctly produced in the block-container in the column document when padding-after was specified.
    32. The footnote number was not correct.
    33. The footnote number in the table was correct.

Common – The following issues have been corrected:

    1. The font that has only the SpecificID=5 entry in the name table became eligible.
    2. When specifying PDF/A-1b:2005, PDF/A-1a:2005, PDF/X-3:2003, and PDF/X-3:2002 to FO without the fo:color-profile specification and outputting PDF, segmentation fault was generated in Unix system platform.
    3. An exception error occurred with specific data.
    4. CGM was not drawn nor outputted to PDF correctly.
    5. When tagged PDF was generated, program lagged.
    6. The PDF tag when generating PDF/A produced an error with Acrobat9 or later.
    7. The image that could not be embedded in Linux version was made available by converting into the bit map as well as Windows version.
    8. When data that used the non-CID OpenType font was outputted to PDF/A, an preflight error was generated.
    9. A fatal error occurred when outputting PDF/X-1a:2001 from specific data.
    10. In drawing SVG, the position of characters was not correct.
    11. When embedding the same PDF file, multiple PDF files were occasionally embedded.
    12. When outputting PDF/A and PDF/X by using data without fo:declarations in Mac and Linux version, the segmentation fault occurred.
    13. A specific CGM was not drawn nor outputted.
    14. When turning on (true) the image-color-profile output in the PDF Output Option, “(3346) Unsupported ICC Color Profile Version Error” was produced.
    15. Some characters in the specific PDF were not displayed in the GUI.
    16. The block-container with the reference-orientation=”90″ specification overflowed.