Formatter V5.3 MR1

June 13, 2011


LZW-compressed images can now be embedded in PDF as LZW-compressed with no change.

CSS – The following issues have been corrected:

    1. When counter-reset: page 2; was specified to the root element, @page :right/left was not correctly processed.
    2. The column break position or the page break position in the column document was not correct.

XSL-FO – The following issues have been corrected:

    1. The position of double quotation marks in vertical writing was incorrect due to the font when outputting to PDF.
    2. The page break position in fo:block-container was not correct.
    3. The block-container in the column document occasionally overflowed.
    4. The line break position was incorrect in the block with fo:leader.
    5. The content of a table cell went to the next page even if there was enough space.
    6. The page didn't break in the corresponding place even if break-before=”page” was specified.
    7. A system error occasionally occurred when text-justify-mode=”4″ was specified.
    8. Contents occasionally overlapped when the page break position changed.
    9. The PDF output failed error occasionally occurred by data that used fo:marker.
    10. When fo:page-sequence that had 1 page plus blank page continued, the error “10244 (2804): fo:flow is not assigned” occasionally occurred.
    11. The size of the JPEG image in Exif format was incorrect.
    12. The justify setting was not effective for the character string when G13. A specific EMF image was not correctly outputted.
    13. Contents overflowed when there was a setting that prohibited a page break in the block after the block with span=”all” and keep-with-next=”always”.
    14. An error occurred when the encoding other than utf was specified in data and 2 pass formatting was specified.

Common – The following issues have been corrected:

    1. The Select font error was generated by the setting of the font environment.
    2. The setting of the font file for end user defined character was not effective when the alias was defined.
    3. Data overflowed when the Cyrillic alphabet was used.
    4. The position of the underline or the overline was incorrect when baseline-shift=”super” or baseline-shift=”sub” were specified.
    5. Trimming of full width punctuations is a specification effective only with Japanese language, however it also worked with Chinese language.
    6. The position where SVG was drawn was not correct.
    7. PDF could not be correctly embedded.
    8. The character position in vertical writing was incorrect in PDF.
    9. A gap was generated between the line where border-radius was specified and the background of the table.
    10. The font selection of an alternative character specified by overflow-replace was not correctly processed.


    1. The position vector and the vertical displacement vector of vertical- written fonts can now be specified when rendering PDF.