Formatter V5.3 MR2

September 1, 2011


When outputting the standard output intent to PDF/X, you can specify whether the color profile is to be embedded or not.

XSL – The following issues have been corrected:

    1. When there was a spanned cell, the rule of “Border conflict resolution” was ignored.
    2. When fo:folio-prefix/fo:folio-suffix were specified, footnotes were not processed correctly.
    3. An error occurred when the value of internal-destination belonged to fo:basic-link and the ref-id value belonged to fo:page-number-citation were specified to the id value of fo:index-range-begin.
    4. An error ocurred when outputting tagged PDF with specific data.
    5. start-float and block-container overlapped each other.
    6. Keep-together.within-page=”always” was not correctly processed when formatting a two-column document.
    7. text-align:justify did not function correctly when axf:ligature-mode=”latin” was made effective.
    8. A rotated table was not formatted correctly.
    9. Start-float and block-container overlapped each other.
    10. When collapse was specified to a table border, the border was not outputted.
    11. The indent value of the list in the previous page was applied to the unrelated list.
    12. The keep-with-previous.within-page=”always” setting did not function correctly.
    13. A system error occurred while formatting a multi-column document with fo:block-container.
    14. The float position did not change even if intrusion-displace=”block” was specified to the document with float=”inside” or float=”outside”.
    15. When the same change-bar-class was used to multiple fo:change-bar, an error occurred.
    16. An error occurred or the page-break setting was not processed correctly when there was the specification to force a page break before the block with span=all within the block container with column settings.
    17. When a page break occurred in the block-container with column settings, the white space for space-after generated.
    18. The position of side notes was not correct.
    19. fo:page-number-citation was not correctly processed when two pass formatting was specified.
    20. The specification of axf:avoid-widow-words=”true” did not become effective.

Common – The following issues have been corrected:

    1. The character information caused the output size to be larger when outputting to PostScript.
    2. When the table was rotated, data was not correctly outputted.
    3. Some parts were not correct when rendering EMF.
    4. The text was not correctly outputted when rendering EMF.
    5. JavaScript specified by axf:document-info was not correctly outputted to PDF.
    6. An error occurred when outputting tagged PDF.
    7. When the value was specified with the expression, an error occurred if 0 was included.
    8. An internal link was not correctly processed when formatting in two pass mode.
    9. The image collapsed when outputting tiff to PDF.
    10. When the output PDF file had a 3D object, an error occurred when opening with Acrobat.
    11. The position of the vowel sign of Devanagari characters might not be correct.
    12. Punctuations at the end of line were not aligned even if end was specified to punctuation-trim.
    13. The exception setting of hyphenation was not effective.
    14. When the file name of the hyphenation exception dictionary was made as language code_country code.xml, it was not effective.
    15. The ligature became invalid in a paragraph where U+200C or U+200D were included.
    16. When axf:punctuation-spacing was specified, successive punctuation marks overlapped each other.
    17. The pair kerning was not effective with some European fonts.
    18. When bicubic was specified in downsampling settings, an error occurred while opening the output PDF with Acrobat.
    19. Arabic script just before ZERO WIDTH JOINER were not connected to the left script.

Other – The following issues have been corrected:

    1. When illegal tiff was processed the error message and the error level generated were incorrect.
    2. A wrong description was found in some part of the DTD in the manual.
    3. A system error occasionally occurred by specific data.
    4. When the file name with a specific character was specified to the Document/Stylesheet dialog in GUI in Windows version, the formatting did not start.