Formatter V6.0 MR2

May 17, 2012


    1. Added support for .Net 3.5.
    2. Upgraded the open source. iFreeType 2.4.8 Alibpng 1.5.10 Alibtiff 3.9.j
    3. use-preferred-family can be specified in the font configuration file. Now you can specify nameID=16 as font-family.
    4. Line numbers can be reset and configured on individual blocks with axf:line-number-reset.
    5. Added support for the wbr tag in HTML5.
    6. Added the zwsp-mode property so that leading and trailing ZERO WIDTH SPACE U+200BiZWSPjin the block are not expanded.
    7. -ah-suppress-duplicate-page-number also works with CSS formatting.

CSS – The following issues have been corrected:

    1. The header was not shown.
    2. The specification of -ah-text-line-color was ignored.
    3. -ah-text-combine might become inaccurate under the influence of inheriting properties, such as text-indent.
    4. The rendering specification of option was changed.
    5. The float was not correctly outputted.
    6. Some specific data caused Formatter to crash.

XSL – The following issues have been corrected:

    1. The interpretation of the fragment in URI could not be performed.
    2. float: start before auto-move did not correctly work in vertical writing.
    3. The calculation for the height of FloatArea was incorrect.
    4. The scaling of images became non-uniform with small height difference.
    5. Absolute positioned fo:block-container was not outputted.
    6. An unnecessary one-line space was generated in the column document.
    7. fo:marker was not outputted.
    8. The specification of the intrusion-displace property might be applied to the unexpected float object.
    9. Unresolved ID and internal destination errors occurred for existing
    10. The processing was incorrect when table-header of outside table had fo:retrieve-marker, and inside table had fo:marker in the nested table.
    11. An unnecessary space might be generated when there was an empty element.
    12. The priority order of the border shorthand property was inaccurate.
    13. The formatting result of a superscript or a subscript was not correct.
    14. Text overlapped when suppress-if-first-on-page was used.
    15. The extension property display-align=”justify” was applied to wrong page.
    16. The span=”all” property caused long processing time, overlapping text.
    17. Some specific data caused Formatter to crash.

Common – The following issues have been corrected:

    1. Hamzah under Arif might overlap with Waw in Arabic.
    2. The radio button was not correctly outputted in PDF.
    3. Margins (space-before/space-after) might not be processed correctly and the page did not break at the appropriate point.
    4. Floated figures overlapped.
    5. The absolutely positioned block container on the last page did not appear.
    6. The space between blocks was not collapsed.
    7. The setting of the row width in the table of the column document was not effective.
    8. axf:punctuation-trim=”all” specified to the footnote was not effective.
    9. The glyph overlapped.
    10. Some specific data caused Formatter to crash.

Other – The following issues have been corrected:

    1. The processing of the character string of the name starting with “/” in PDF was incorrect.
    2. Tagging of the outputted Tagged PDF was incorrect.
    3. The searching of the tagged PDF did not work correctly.
    4. The specific character of the spot color name might not be encoded when outputting to PDF.
    5. When optimization for web display and user password were specified at the same time, “PDFLinearizer error” occurred.
    6. The output result of data with tables was incorrect.
    7. produced an exception error with the Windows 64bit version.
    8. Font-strecthed=”condensed” did not work as expected when creating an area tree xml.
    9. The area tree did not retain PDF bookmarks.
    10. Distiller PDF output generated lower quality EPS graphics.
    11. Japanese characters in the form of the text field might not be displayed correctly.
    12. When multiple text fields of a same name exist in one file, the output of the text field was incorrect.
    13. The output of specific barcode data failed.
    14. The processing of the printer with the name of 31 or more Byte was inaccurate with AHFDev.exe.