Formatter V6.0 MR5

October 24, 2012


    1. Mathcolor can now be specificed

CSS – The following issues have been corrected:

    1. The chapter counter in the footer (chapter No) returned the incorrect result.
    2. Cross references could not break generated text across lines.
    3. -ah-overflow-condense:font-stretch; was not processed correctly.

XSL – The following issues have been corrected:

    1. file crashed before rendering output.
    2. A file hanged without an error message.
    3. axf:printer-duplex did not function correctly.
    4. letter-spacing did not function correctly.
    5. The sidenote or footnote content had the incorrect text alignment of “inside” after the page break.
    6. The exception dictionary returned an invalid word unexpectedly.
    7. A hyphen appeared as lozenge in the result document.
    8. hyphenate=”false” did not work.
    9. The marker for running header retrieved on page before reference was rendered.
    10. The region body overflowed after the spanned block in the multi-column area.
    11. Text did not fit in the text field with the default display.
    12. The width of the table with column span was not correct.

Common – The following issues have been corrected:

    1. The page float influenced the position of table cell content.
    2. The float on page caused unrelated table to have different width.
    3. The float influenced the missing content in Linux.
    4. An extra page and ragged columns after the float broke to the next page.
    5. A single line was placed after a rotated table.

Other – The following issues have been corrected:

    1. “Import Option Setting” did not function correctly.
    2. Some characters caused an error when generated with Barcode Generator Option.
    3. Embedded EPS generated errors when generating PostScript output.
    4. The specification of double angle quotation marks in Polish has been modified.
    5. IRS – table overflow
    6. reported page number for overflow needs to include folio prefix and also physical page number
    7. float taking up extra space when text to table
    8. # in path name causes strange behavior on Windows
    9. exception dictionary for serbian returning invalid word unexpectedly