Formatter V6.0 R1

May 23, 2013


  1. The following languages (scripts) are supported.
    Bengali (Beng)
    Panjabi (Guru)
    Gujarati (Gujr)
    Oriya (Orya)
    Tamil (Taml)
    Telugu (Telu)
    Kannada (Knda)
    Malayalam (Mlym)
    Khmer (Khmr)
    Lao (Laoo)
  2. Fonts outside the font folder, like fonts specified in the Font Configuration File or fonts specified by <axf:font-face> / @font-face can now be displayed in GUI.
  3. The default parameter of the Command-line Interface can now be specified by the environment variable.
  4. Support for PDF/X-4.
  5. Support for embedding multimedia such as video in PDF.
  6. Metadata that can be specified to PDF has been added. It's also possible to specify XMP directly.
  7. It's now available to control whether metadata is outputted to all the separate volumes.
  8. The block area can now be transformed.
  9. Support for gradient functions.
  10. The interpretation of the vw and vh unit have been changed, vmin, vmax, etc. are newly added.
  11. The information on font-stretch is now taken into consideration for the font selection.
  12. <axf:font-face> / @font-face has been extended and the format() and local() functions are now supported. WOFF (Web Open Font Format) is also available.
    *In vertical writing mode, it's now available to control the rendering of characters to be upright meticulously.
    *In vertical writing mode, it's now available to specify the horizontal-in-vertical composition automatically.
    *Unicode normalization forms can now be specified.
    *The treatment of the ideographic space has been somewhat changed.
  13. It's now possible to specify MSXML 6 for the XSLT processor.
  14. It's now possible to reload hyphenation dictionaries without shutting down the Formatter GUI.
  15. It's now possible to reset the option settings to the default in GUI.
  16. The option to batch print without interrupting a job for printing is added.
  17. Support for Windows 8, Windows 8 x64 Edition, Oracle Solaris 11 (Sparc version), Mac OS X Version 10.8 (Intel version).

XSL – The following issues have been corrected:

  1. Images were duplicated and overflowed when spanned block breaks across pages.
  2. The list label disappear when intrusion-displace=”block” was specified.
  3. The float and the following content overlapped within a block-container.

Common – The following issues have been corrected:

  1. Numerous enhancements and modifications are added to MathML.
  2. When letter-spacing is specified, -ah-punctuation-trim or -ah-text-autospace did not work.

Other – The following issues have been corrected:

  1. The float caused the area tree output to be different than the direct pdf output.
  2. The svg outputted without setting font sizes correctly.
  3. Output failed when the file name of HTML included Chinese or Spanish.