Formatter V6.0 MR1

V6.1 MR1

July 22, 2013

XSL – The following issues have been corrected:

  • Multiple flows were truncated when the 3rd flow was enabled.
  • The float overflowed the flowing content.
  • The float overflowed the page text.
  • The columns on a page containing a multi-column float did not balance as expected
  • Floats were placed in unexpected order.
  • The value of the role property replaced spaces with %20.
  • When content-width and height are specified as external-graphic or instream-foreign-object and there is no specification of content-height, images were scaled within the height of the area with V6.1 R1 or earlier. With MR1, it follows the content-width. Therefore, by the old specification method, images may overflow the area. In order to get the same formatting result as the V6.1 or earlier, please specify content-height with the value of the area height and delete content-width.
  • A table with keep-previous=”always” attribute went past the margins table.
  • MathML fractions overwrote lines above/belowMathML. A lot more corrections with MathML were made.
  • A specific data caused the Formatter 6.1 GUI to crash.
  • An empty inline object created a new line area when text-justify-mode=”4″ was specified.
  • A table overflowed when axf:repeat-cell-content-at-break=”true” was specified.

CSS – The following issues have been corrected:

  • CSS running element at the very last of page was ignored.

Other – The following issues have been corrected:

  • Unable to use Adobe Distiller to generate PDF output from Formatter PS output
  • Acrobat unable to open the Formatter generated PDF. AH Formatter
  • Acrobat compare failed with Formatter produced tagged PDF.
  • Tagged PDF output with links failed the accessibility check in Acrobat XI.
  • Page numbers in PDF were displayed incorrectly.
  • An overflow error message listed the wrong page when overflowing content broke across pages Area overflow. The message was modified correctly.